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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Myatt: we <3 him

25 02 12 - 13:34


A true, a genuine, National-Socialist does not go around "hating" people of other races just as National-Socialists are not disrespectful of the customs, the religion, the way of life, of people of other races. As I have said and written many times, we National-Socialists respect other cultures, and people of other races, because we uphold honour. Honour means being civilized; it means having manners: being polite; restrained in public and so on. Honour means treating people with courtesy and respect, regardless of their race and culture. We National-Socialists express the view that a person should be proud of their own culture and heritage, respectful of their ancestors and their ancestral way of life, and accept that other peoples have a right to be proud of their own culture and heritage as well. The ideal is a working toward mutual understanding and respect. -David Myatt

We're anti-NS pro-Traditionalist here, but this is well said and compatible with all beliefs.

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You better check his recent writings on his own blog: http://davidmyatt.wordpress.com/ advice - 25-02-’12 16:17
A Portuguese Nihilist
The mere fact that you call yourselves anti-NS suggests that your are not nihilists at all. Nihilists accept the fact that there is truth in every aspect of life, however masked it may appear. Traditionalism, Radical Traditionalism or other doctrinary constructs are yet more masks created by incohesive minds. Best regards and remember to free yourself from dogma. A Portuguese Nihilist - 26-02-’12 02:41
nihilism is for queers,
by nihilist standards if you are an unemployed loser who spends all day looking at porn on the computer in his diapers you can be called successful nihilism is for queers, "traditionalism" is for morons who don't understand or practice tradition - 26-02-’12 02:58
<span class='registered'>nihilist</span>
Nihilists accept the fact that there is truth in every aspect of life, however masked it may appear.

What. The. Fuck.

No, this has nothing to do with nihilism -- the above is some kind of new age bullshit. nihilist (URL) - 26-02-’12 05:28
fuck nihilists! you either are or you aren't NS! stop clouding the issue. Dave - 26-02-’12 07:05
nihilism is so metal
nihilism is about pissing off your parents nihilism is so metal - 26-02-’12 12:14
Time Curator 23
To clear up the smoke of confusion:

ANUSian Nihilism = Perennial Tradition;

ANUSian Politics = "adaptive" politics, which, presently, the most adaptive political action, or course which will result in survival and wisdom, is to reverse modernity, globalization and multiculturalism, and to return to local and stable republics and monarchies. Time Curator 23 (Email ) - 04-03-’12 13:51

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