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Celebrating the pre-modern

24 02 12 - 04:36

Interesting interview with a homeschooler homemaker and her family, who moved from a modern life to the country and a more timeless way of living:

"How do you handle "looks and comments" from others about vintage/old-fashioned/modest attire?"--AJ

By being genuinely friendly and gracious. When I'm wearing an outfit that is obviously old fashioned (1860s or Edwardian) I think people can tell that I'm not ashamed or uncomfortable, so I'm usually ignored! lol

With modest clothing, we usually receive the 'narrowed eye-'I'm-trying-to-figure-out-what-cult-you're-from' look (lol) but I just smile and continue on my way.

"Do you (and your family) watch tv? watch the news? read the newspaper?" AJ

No, we don't watch television or the news. Not because of rules or restrictions, but because as a family we together evaluated what was important to us, and tv wasn't. Television/Cable is something we don't find a priority. (We have had cable in the past though, so we know what its like.) However, we do get the local news from the radio or Internet.

"You mentioned that your family is on its way to becoming self-sufficient...producing everything that you use. May I ask how that affects your family financially?" --Jenni

We're just starting out, and would like to get that point someday. We've made a choice to eat less meat, dairy and convenience foods in favor of more whole organic foods, so financially it all balances out.

"My question would be this one: since you and your family have changed your lifestyle (for the best!) how do you deal with comments and questions, since it's not for the most modern and up to date way to live?"--Anonymous

When we recieve negative comments, we don't try to defend ourselves, but let our lifestyle and testimony speak for us. It amazes us though how much it bothers people that we're dressed modestly! But most of the comments we recieve are encouraging, as people are generally interested in who we are and what church we're apart of.

"You said earlier,"Independant and determined, I wasn't content to be at home; I basically followed the crowd, and anticipated the year I'd turn 18. To be out of the house, on my own & in college--that was it. I didn't care to be an 'example' to younger girls, or a good daughter/sister".

What I'd most like to know is, what changed, and was it sudden or very gradual." --Kaye

What changed was the surroundings--during that time we were in the city and living a faster paced life. I was influenced by my friends there, and my parents saw that-- so my Mother started homeschooling us (I was in 4th grade). Later moving to a smaller town brought our family closer together, plus we stopped joining groups and attending every get-together...We focused on our family and being at home. When we moved out to the Cottage, we were ready for the 'country life'.

This was all gradual. - Interview at the Cottage

Modern humans have spent so long looking for what's next after modernity that they have missed a basic idea: modernity is destined to fail because it is internally conflicted; therefore, what comes next will be pre-modern, one way or another.

The real challenge is how to carry over technology into an intelligent future society based on that which is eternal, e.g. common to all ages of humankind. Because we have not changed at all during the past 10,000 and probably 100,000 years.

five comments

LOL Teehee - 24-02-’12 10:59
Brett Stevens should do this. Move to the countryside and wear pantaloons; living off the land with no electricity, cable and internet access. Therefore, he can spare us the bullshit drivel of how "modernity is destined to fail" "Let's get metaphysical" - 24-02-’12 11:23
lol @ showcasing the opinion of ignorant housewives, which anus now calls
>interview with a homeschooler homemaker

Stopped reading there. lol @ showcasing the opinion of ignorant housewives, which anus now calls "homemakers", how low you've sunk - 24-02-’12 11:37
Sri Krishna
Dave/obligatory dissenting opinions are Prozak and/or Brett Stevens trying to be meta; showing the faults of the "other side" while also exhibiting what may be redeemable within them--so as to further their own dialectical processes, and also educate the struggling who have yet to find the true black flame within by emulating them. Sri Krishna - 24-02-’12 23:24
Thinking about selling our suburban home and moving to the country. But I'm kinda lazy and don't want to fix stuff. Where do you buy Mexicans? Newyorker (Email ) - 26-02-’12 20:31

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