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Programatic theory of DNA

14 08 10 - 07:45

For some time, ANUS has said that DNA probably works like a computer program -- instructions, not a laundry list, which makes any one part of the program potentially far more important than most others.

Now we have some verified proof:

In a report published in the June 25 issue of Cell, the team identified a near complete catalog of the DNA segments that copy themselves, move around in, and insert themselves here and there in our genome. The insertion locations of these moveable segments -- transposons -- in each individual's genome helps determine why some are short or tall, blond or brunette, and more likely or less likely to have cancer or heart disease. The Johns Hopkins researchers say that tracking the locations of transposons in people with specific diseases might lead to the discovery of new disease genes or mutations.

Using their specialized "chip" with DNA spots that contain all of the DNA sequences that appear in the genome, researchers applied human DNA from 15 unrelated people. The research team compared transposon sites first identified in the original published human "index" genome and found approximately 100 new transposon sites in each person screened. - Science Daily

Just looking at them statistically, a word processor and operating system are basically the same. Roughly the same percentages of their code are instructions to disk, moving memory around, displaying stuff on the screen. But they do radically different things, and one is far more complex than the other. The same is true of DNA -- between individuals, between social classes, between ethnies/"ethnic groups", between races/subspecies, and between the traditional castes that really determine what we are.

Facing this honestly will be a big step forward for humanity.