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Rick Santorum

23 02 12 - 12:10

Interesting to research Rick Santorum and see what his opinions are. I've heard of Santorum before, but never bothered to figure it out. It's a mixed bag. I like social conservatism because it leads to the happiest lives for the best people in our society; I'm not sure I want abortion to be legal, but want that to be a states' rights issue and it seems like Santorum is OK with that. I think drug legalization should be a states' rights issue as well, so California legalizes and we can watch to see if it falls apart. Not all issues are represented here, but team Santorum has done a great job of it.

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Not what Santorum says
Are you the same person who wrote this?

http://www.anus.com/zine/articles/homosexuality/ Not what Santorum says - 23-02-’12 13:12
Gay man
He's a creationist and a fundie, how's that for denying reality. Hell he'd probably want sites like this shutdown. He definitely would not support most ideas you have.

Your political beliefs are getting in the way of seeing things clearly and even preventing you from seeing contradictions.

And I say this apolitically. Gay man - 23-02-’12 16:11
"social conservatism because it leads to the happiest lives for the best people"

WHo decides best people and what happens to those judged worst people? So the "best people" are loyalt to your right wing authoritarian regime and anyone else gets assigned unhappy life stomped under the iron heel of hate and bias?

Well we say never again. Dave (URL) - 23-02-’12 16:14
metrosexual, ass-pie nigger faggot
Hate and bias are the tools of the leftists, Dave. Conservatives (not neocons) have an authentic plan for the future that doesn't involve resentment or hatred (think Daoism). Any one who wants no part of it can remove themselves from society or face the consequences of Justice defined by people who know what they want out of life personally and collectively. I like Proazak's or whoever the author is stance on state rights. Even though I'm shit-faced right now and can barely form a coherent sentence, I encourage people with different cultural goals (or no goals) to separate themselves from the collective, and create their own or conform to the overman leaders of their choosing who create worthwhile cultural goals. We should be allowed the POSITIVE freedom to choose our own leaders and culture and not oblige to the democratic totalitarian idea of what is right.

Everyone is biased, Dave. Stop picking straws. metrosexual, ass-pie nigger faggot - 23-02-’12 23:47
@ Gay man,

You would agree that politicians are tools to be used, would you not? If Santorum and Ron Paul are the genesis of Hessian goals, they should be endorsed or used, even if they're merely the best to choose from in a douche bag, failing liberal society, agreed? Shooting for the ideal is impractical. metrosexual - 24-02-’12 00:07
fuck you
>the happiest lives for the best people in our society

Hahahaha, Jesus Christ, stopped reading there. If that's the case, why don't we just go back to serfdom, I'm sure that would maximize the happiness of our aristocratic capitalist overlords.

>I'm not sure I want abortion to be legal

Are you an idiot? Holy fuck this moronic site constantly reverses itself, first you constantly complain about how the "proles keep breeding blah blah blah", now you think abortion should be illegal (why??). fuck you - 24-02-’12 03:18
@ Gayman:

I don't care about his religious beliefs. Social conservatism is essential to the cultural war against leftism, which destroys every civilization it touches.

Are you thinking about what you're writing here?

Your choice is either your civilization gets fucked to hell and gone and turns into the third world, OR you can support a socially conservative candidate.

@ Dave:

"Who decides" is a moronic question. Smart people decide. Leaders decide. Anyone but the crowd, who fuck it all up every time.


States' rights is an ideal solution. California can have legal pot and legal abortion, which leads to sexual liberation that ultimately oppresses men and women both. The rest of us can watch it circle the drain.

@ FY:

Serfdom of those who cannot manage their own affairs is an ideal situation.

If you are a nihilist, you can handle this obvious truth.

If not... well, don't you have a delusional religion to attend? NIHILIST (Email ) (URL) - 24-02-’12 05:03
Metrosexual should have his face smashed with a brick. Dude, shut the fuck up. No one cares about your opinion @metrosexual - 24-02-’12 05:07
Dude Nihil, just shut the fuck up and re-elect the black muslim so we can fix this country properly. @metrosexual - 24-02-’12 05:08
fucking retard
"Serfdom of those who cannot manage their own affairs is an ideal situation.

If you are a nihilist, you can handle this obvious truth.

If not… well, don’t you have a delusional religion to attend?"

Oh wow dude, you're so fucking hard and all, rebelling hardcore against the proles and sheeple. In such a society you'd be the first to go you stupid fuck. From what I can tell even the poorest in the world can manage their own affairs, the same can't be said of a typical 12 year old "nihilist" like you still being sheltered and coddled under mumsy's skirt. And yeah, nice "obvious truth" your completely retarded, substanceless statement, without anything to back it up. fucking retard - 24-02-’12 11:47
>If not… well, don’t you have a delusional religion to attend?

Yeah dude, calling the others delusional will surely work to distract from how delusional you look. dumbass - 24-02-’12 11:50
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