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How to maintain complete control

21 02 12 - 03:40

"The evidence since 1968 indicates that terrorist groups rarely cease to exist as a result of winning or losing a military campaign. Rather, most groups end because of operations carried out by local police or intelligence agencies or because they join the political process." - Atlantic Wire

It's so systematic it's disturbing.

Find informants, send bribes, slowly arrest them one by one, and then dissent vanishes, quietly and easily.

In the meantime, the problems that caused the dissent remain.

I disagree with al-Qaeda (and most Euro-'rightists') over the role of the USA. Despite WWI/II being complete screwups, American hegemony has on the whole been a good thing.

However, our multicultural liberal democratic consumerist (MLDC) model doesn't work for anyone with a soul. Because it is soulless.

And so there will be dissenters... and they may remove more of our overpriced office space if given half the chance.

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lay dormant asleep
Hey, check out this site brett fools with during his spare time.

http://www.hou2600.org/ lay dormant asleep - 22-02-’12 19:53
Houston needs more metrosexuals
I would attend if I lived in the Houston area. Thanks for the link. Houston needs more metrosexuals - 22-02-’12 20:15
steve harris
Yeah, it's some really gay shit brett stevens does when he's playing with his asshole steve harris - 23-02-’12 15:53

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