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Dangers of radiation

21 02 12 - 03:18

Seeds and certain cells can last a long term under the right conditions, but many claims of extreme longevity have failed on closer examination, and biologists are likely to greet this claim, too, with reserve until it can be independently confirmed....

The Russians measured the ground radioactivity at the site, which can damage DNA, and say the amount of gamma radiation the campion fruit accumulated over 30,000 years is not much higher than that reported for a 1,300-year-old sacred lotus seed, from which a plant was successfully germinated. - "Dead for 32,000 Years, an Arctic Plant Is Revived," by Nicholas Wade, The New York Times

From this article, it seems that one of the major factors in the prolonged viability of seeds is how much of the DNA is disrupted by radiation.

I wonder how much that radiation is disrupting in creatures and plants that are alive right now.

three comments

Ja, bitte!
Atomkraft? Ja, bitte! - 22-02-’12 12:49
You are a fucking idiot.
The article has absolutely NOTHING to do with "the dangers of radiation", neither does the extract you took from it. You are a fucking idiot. - 22-02-’12 12:51
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