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Old fashioned government is better

16 02 12 - 04:41

In 1922, under the unsung stewardship of the president best remembered for his underlings’ scandals and his own early death in office, the unemployment rate fell from 15.6 percent to 9 percent (on its way to 3.2 percent in 1923), while constant-dollar output leapt by 16 percent. After which the 1920s proverbially roared.

And how did the administration of Warren G. Harding, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, produce these astonishing results? Why, by raising interest rates, reducing the public debt and balancing the federal budget. Let 21st-century economists rub their eyes in disbelief. Eighteen months after the depression started, it ended. - The Washington Post

As this WAPO article illustrates, the modern method of spend-to-recover may be another artifact of the Great Depression. "It worked last time!!!1!!one"

ten comments

This is a stupid idea. I can't believe people believe this shit on a website frequented by ignoramouses and gutter racits.

No place for hate. No place for fascism. Dave (URL) - 16-02-’12 20:01
Dave the Genius
God, I love lumpy potatoes in my ass. Dave the Genius - 16-02-’12 21:23
PhD student
This site is retarded. I watched that video of those two faggots in Averse Sefira on the metal part for a total of 5 seconds, turned it off after seeing it was just some illiterate nerd in a black metal hoodie imparting his deep insight about how "Christianity is like, the cause of all suffering in history, mayng". Wow, I feel so elevated and enlightened. This idiot should do a TED talk. He could just be himself as long as the title is "How to not get laid and have nobody respect you".

If you want to pretend to be an intellectual, do actual intellectual things, you fucks. I've never seen an abstract from a paper, let alone one on a scientific subject, anywhere on this site. You are idiots, you are promoting idiocy, you are endorsing stupid music and if I saw you on the street I would not hesitate to kill you. PhD student - 18-02-’12 16:32
It does seem that the fall of Rome was a mistake. The Dark Ages were notoriously dumb compared to Rome. Levy_Spearmen - 18-02-’12 23:03
get out of the house if you like grim and frostbitten winters so much
And you're notoriously dumb compared to average people. get out of the house if you like grim and frostbitten winters so much - 19-02-’12 07:26
only fucking idiots on this site
>It does seem that the fall of Rome was a mistake.

lol, you're an idiot. That's like caling the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs a "mistake". There was no mistake, it was a natural process you dumbass. only fucking idiots on this site - 19-02-’12 07:27
Cum Dangler
Moronic author of this article mistakes "fiscal and monetary prudence that works no matter what century it is" with "everything about the past is better so lets wear helmets and cloaks because I'm a short-sighted unintelligent moron who has led a very comfortable life but because I'm an autistic loner moron I will blame my dissatisfactions on an outside cause and furthermore I cannot predict a cause and effect to save my life but I hope no-one notices this as I spout random shit about how I think the world should be micromanaged so I don't feel like an out of place lazy autistic fuck who has to work more than 4 hours a day". Cum Dangler (Email ) - 19-02-’12 13:31
You are asshole. Ass. Hole. Levy_Spearmen - 19-02-’12 19:59
Double post. Levy_Spearmen - 19-02-’12 20:01
Fallacies are your best friends. metrosexual - 22-02-’12 01:48

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