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Bored workers of the world unite!

08 02 12 - 19:48

You have nothing to lose but your retirement plan, car payment, mortgage, health insurance, life insurance, penis enlargement and the love of hipsters.

eigthteen comments

Good to see hyperbole is still alive.

Sadly though, proper punctuation seems long dead. Franny - 08-02-’12 19:53
You know we cant live without penis enlargement Bob - 09-02-’12 08:30
so i guess prozak likes being a wage slave? enjoy spending 65 years of your life accumulating debt and working at something dull(programming). ass - 09-02-’12 17:20
Hmm what does right wing oppressor of the underprivileged pay anyway Dave - 09-02-’12 18:01
Come on, Dave, you know it's more complex.

1. In a true capitalist society, employers compete for the best employees. With unions and forced minimum wages (both backed by liberals), employers often settle for incompetents and unnecessary division of labor. Rather than providing good wages and benefits to the deserving, employers will minimize these to compensate for the less qualified.

2. The real oppressor is the federal government, which taxes businesses so far up the ass, that a. the prices of goods increase for everyone and b. employees feel the burden through lay-offs and decreased wages.

Keep blaming the CEOs, though. I guess they should redistribute their salaries and bonuses amongst their staffs equally, because everyone has the same knowledge of how to run a business and create jobs and where to invest. metrosexual - 10-02-’12 01:10
Prozak is a bored aspie programmer worker slave wra - 10-02-’12 05:30
John Stamos
You say "you know it's more complex" and then follow with another oversimplification at a child-like level?

If the CEO's and corporations are the "good guys" and the Federal Gov't the "bad guys" why do they work so well together? Most congressmen are former successful corporate workers, mostly from wall st.
Wall st. corporations lobby extensively to get their goals written into law, and congress is well entrenched in the game.

A successful CEO probably has the education to deserve more than the average monkey, that does not follow that they should receive 100x more than the average American, which they do. That is not the idea of free market capitalism.

I've also seen no evidence that even a true free market makes for a happier or healthier society. More productive possibly, depending on the natural resources of the land, but having a big industry doesn't necessarily do anything for the citizens. John Stamos - 10-02-’12 10:10
Economics is far more complex than what most liberal's make of it, however; many cause and effect relationships within economics, a few of which I alluded to, are simply common sense. I'm well aware that I wrote in a casual manner, but it was a response to a simple argument.

On one level, corporations and Congress don't work well together. If they did, corps wouldn't move their headquarters and operations out of the U.S. to escape unions and high tax rates. The “Buffet Rule” tax is a precedent of the counter-intuitive policies enacted in a capitalist economy. Those who can create should receive tax breaks, so they’re encouraged to create more.

One reason the feds work well with *multinational* corporations is they have more power than the federal government. If the feds were unbending in their law making, the Walmarts of the world would focus on other markets. They would lose earnings w/o the U.S. market, but the U.S. economy would suffer more from loss of jobs and tax revenue. Guess who would come crawling back to the negotiation table.

You’re referring to government bailouts, tariffs on foreign competition/high taxes on middle class business owners and other “I scratch your back…” deals between big business and Congress. Oligarchies defeat the purpose of capitalism and both Congressmen and big businesses guilty of it should fry.

Oil tycoons receive 5 – 7% of total revenue, much more than their employees, but big profits give the innovative among us the initiative to take risks and develop products or provide services we wouldn’t receive otherwise. Oh boo hoo, the lowly workers have investment options that will pay off in the long-run. The trickle down system, although not perfect, has proven itself to be the best in providing competent workers the opportunity to be financially successful, much more than I can say for an overbearing government.

There’s that word, “happiness”, again. So liberal of you to intermingle wealth and happiness, as if we could only just eliminate the income disparity between the classes and make this world a better one. There’s nothing inherently wrong with big industries or corporations. They benefit citizens with jobs, providing the income that should be used as a means to live better lives with wholesome elements (family, religion, study, and cookies ‘n’ shit). And they’re more effectively able to obtain foreign resources that the country lacks than the government can. The hedonism and moral decay of U.S. culture lies on the shoulders of its citizens, not the corporations. metrosexual - 10-02-’12 13:47
"Rather than providing good wages and benefits to the deserving, employers will minimize these to compensate for the less qualified."

There is no such thing as more deserving and less deserving other than in classist elitist societies. You know the right wing oppressor of the underpriveleged kind. Dave - 10-02-’12 14:05
"I’ve also seen no evidence that even a true free market makes for a happier or healthier society."

I may have misread you here. If you mean to say that the merchant class should be checked by a higher authority, a priestly caste, for example, because merchants are natural whores and pimps who sell their country out for profit, then I agree with you here. I hate consumerist societies, which free market economies and 90% of people encourage. On the other hand, I see the good capitalism has to offer in a regulated society from the top (religion, virtue, philosophy) down. metrosexual - 10-02-’12 14:27
"The trickle down system, although not perfect, has proven itself to be the best in providing competent workers the opportunity to be financially successful."

Um, what? The Trickle Down theory of Reganomics, from 1979 to 2007, has increased wealth for the richest 1% by more than 280%, while incomes for the bottom 90% of people has fallen when adjusted for inflation. I refuse to believe that NINETY per cent of the American population is simply incompetent.

Over the last 30 years, top tax rates have fallen from 70% to 35%. But by all means, let's cry for the victimised CEOs.

Oh, and as for products and services that we receive because of innovative tycoons, the rapidly growing world markets would allow them to have a profitable customer base even after the US economy is destroyed.

Let's not pretend Liberalism is the problem here, please. Franny (Email ) - 10-02-’12 17:27
What the fuck does this site consider as spam, because I just typed a long response to Franny without anything that comes close to spam. I also typed ni. metrosexual - 11-02-’12 15:16
response to metrosexual
"What happened to the trolls?"

I know, I miss them too. Personally I think the admins are making a mistake of taking this censorship/cleaning attitude towards the comments section of this blog.

If they are doing the right thing, then at least theys should explain or communicate the motives behind this change of attitudes.

I think that the regular Anus visitors and readers (veterans and new) live isolated from the "rest of the world" in terms of their beliefs and commitment to Metal music. This comment section was a useful template to know what other people (that, in theory, share the same gusto for this music subculture) think of us.

I think it's always been an "us" versus "them" stance being a follower or aficionado of the Anus site and belief system. Simple terminology like "Speed Metal" vs. "Thrash Metal" is enough to immediately divide people in the two camps.

Not only their trolling and despise was fun, but also useful because it sweeped you from a comfort zone into a battle of ideas, musical taste and beliefs.

I think the admins should re-think the situation and let the trolling wars continue. response to metrosexual - 12-02-’12 09:18
Cum Dangler
Was that picture made by an 8 year old, or someone with the intelligence of an 8 year old?

Or have I been transported into a world where capitalism did not bring billions out of poverty?

The autistic cunts here think that working hard for 6-8 hours a day means you're a slave. Well here's some news: YOU CAN'T EARN A LIVING SITTING ON YOUR ARSE ALL DAY EVERY DAY. This was the case thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, dozens of years ago and is still the case today. Cum Dangler (Email ) - 17-02-’12 06:45
Time Curator 23
Actually, Cum Dangler, you're only half correct: while we can't all sit on our arses all day every day, we don't need to all work 40 hours a week.

Furthermore, most people actually end up working about 60 hours a week when you include the commuting, the chores, and the errands.

With better design, and better cooperation, we could all work just 35 hours a week and get more done than we do with the current 60 hour work week.

Finally, there's no evidence that capitalism brought billions out of material poverty.

On the contrary, there is a lot of evidence that it has, on both a relative and absolute scale, brought more material poverty world-wide. Time Curator 23 - 18-02-’12 14:22
oh look someone hasn't graduated college and joined the workforce
^ lol, obvious aspo who lives at home oh look someone hasn't graduated college and joined the workforce - 18-02-’12 16:24
Cum Dangler
"With better design, and better cooperation, we could all work just 35 hours a week and get more done than we do with the current 60 hour work week."

And who is responsible for this better design and cooperation? Who pays for it, and how many hours of work would it require? What unintended effects would it have?

I assume you mean some sort of infrastructural or logistical renewal. Which means people live near where they work, buy local food and supplies etc. Achieiving this is easy inside your unrealistic scalp, but impossible in the real world.

For instance, what would happen to property prices? Who forces people to live locally? Who forces people to move so others can work closer? What would happen to supply if we had to source locally? How much time and money would this actually take to physically build and achieve? You're living in a dream world because you're an aspie fuck who doesn't know the consequences of his actions.

The evidence that capitalism brought billions out of poverty is right before your very eyes. Europe and America were brought out of serfdom and the middle classes exploded due to the industrial revolution and entrepreneurship, Russia and China have had their living standards increase exponentially by dropping communism and implementing free market reforms, I needn't continue with any further examples.

Who are you to decide that working long hours is slavery? You earn the amount of effort you put in; the way it has been since time immemorial, except nowadays the work is easier, requires less hours and the consequences not so harsh. The past is not some heroic golden age no matter what Varg Vikernes tells you; otherwise we'd still be there. Cum Dangler (Email ) - 19-02-’12 13:09
You gotta be kidding me...:S Angela (Email ) (URL) - 21-02-’12 20:13

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