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Cops beat diabetic man

08 02 12 - 03:26

The zombies will divide this issue into two parts:

(1) Cops are bad

(2) Cops are good

How can you live in such a simplistic universe?

When you have a population that is constantly committing insane crimes, a highly militarized police force, and no culture to bind them together toward an idea of what is right, you get this adversarial result.

This is a consequence of diversity, the nation-state and refusing to have an actual national culture. It's about so few of us sharing values that we must have militant enforcement of do-gooder, Nanny and Utilitarian rules.

It's not about cops.

six comments

yes, conflict can only arise from multiculturalism fallacy - 08-02-’12 06:27
If the guy's blood-glucose levels were low, the result is decreased brain functioning. His "resistance" was due to not knowing what was happening and physical shaking. Look, I can see the broader picture, and I usually never side with "victims", but I hope this guy sues the state, the police and these [REDACTED] (degenerates). Bravo, [REDACTED]; one of you could take on someone in this physical and mental state. A woman could take on a UFC competitor in such a state, as well.

@fallacy, multiculturalism multiplies and aggravates conflict to the point that society nears and eventually exceeds the breaking point. metrosexual - 08-02-’12 10:20
The Evil Dave
Actually the fallacy was the halfwit leftist monkey emoting about an argument that was never made as follows: conflict can only arise from multiculturalism hurr hurr The Evil Dave - 08-02-’12 16:14
Cops are better than nihilists.
"How can you live in such a simplistic universe?"

I dunno, you're the one trying to reduce every problem you see to your one pet theory. That sounds pretty simplistic to me. Cops are better than nihilists. - 08-02-’12 17:09
An eloquently written article, but the outlined cause and effect is stated without supporting evidence.

To just lump most of the blame on multiculturalism seems, in all honesty, a bit tenuous. I still don't understand why Prozak sees multiculturalism as such a dirty word. Why? Because multiculturalism was present in Rome, and, amid OTHER mitigating factors, the Roman empire fell? Because Brett Stevens thinks it's bad?

I've seen white cops beat on white dudes committing stupid crimes. Militarised police force? Yes, that seems to be a problem in this instance. A schism caused by cultural diversity? Seems like clutching at straws to apply it as a cause of this instance. Franny (Email ) - 08-02-’12 19:16
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