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Anonymous joins The In Crowd

01 02 12 - 16:57

Prozak's law: the more people involved in any given venture, the more it approximates the lowest common denominator.

Take a gourmet restaurant, put a dozen people on the planning committee, and you'll get McDonald's.

And take a rowdy bunch of internet nerds, and eventually, they become a mob scene:

In its latest effort to silence and expose those responsible for spreading anti-Semitic and racist hate speech around the Web, hackers associated with Anonymous have taken down and defaced the American Nazi Party website.

Uniting under the ongoing "Operation Blitzkrieg" banner, a group calling itself "SolSec" took down Americannaziparty.com Saturday (Jan. 28) and continued attacks through the weekend, according to the AnonymousCenter Twitter feed.

The Examiner reported that Anonymous also took down the white supremacist site Whitehonor.com Monday (Jan. 30). Both sites later were back up. - MSM

Never heard of these websites/parties, and I suspect they're (1) a $6/month web host and (2) two angry guys in a basement, but Anonymous went from being a defender of the free spirit to its enslaver, censor, and nanny "do the right thing" conscience.

four comments

Your wrong because you're just a elitist hater making disguised theories about how democracy and freedom are always wrong. Social justice is inevitable and so is progress. Read some political sciences. No place for hate. No place for fascism. The Crowd? Will overwhelm and smash the dividers so the most people can have justice. Dave - 01-02-’12 17:36
Why even need to name it "Prozak's Law"? Talk about small name, big ego.

There's also an implication that a venture that attracts a small group of people will be inherently more based in reality. No, sometimes it's just fucking NUTS, and people avoid it for that reason. Franny - 01-02-’12 22:27
Yea there'd be public outcry if someone exposed Anonymous. They have potential to be as tyrannical as governments they dislike. naziniggers - 02-02-’12 14:16
<span class='registered'>Osi</span>
Does anyone know most of them? Impossible. Although uncovering these wrecks would benefit society. Osi - 18-02-’12 15:20

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