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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

The true spirit of Europe

29 01 12 - 20:55

These are our people:

Following a strict code of behaviour resonant of Europe's imperial past, the ball is a social highlight of the Burschenschaft societies.

All male and often considered right wing and reactionary, the societies still indulge in fencing without protective clothing, and duelling scars are a symbol of honour. - The Telegraph

Forget the modern trends and crazes. Honor is eternal. So are culture, pride and warfare.

five comments

RACITS!!1! Dave - 30-01-’12 08:48
Hu, huhah. Thank you very much. Levy_Spearmen - 31-01-’12 14:29
I don't know a witty name
This is one of the best ANUS posts in the last few months. It should move a long these lines, encouraging a honorable warrior caste instead of self-entitlement by birth. No retard is going to damage society, geniuses with dangerous ideas(i.e. Marx, Christ) are far more destructive. I don't know a witty name - 31-01-’12 14:37
you said a mouthful brother. 42 - 31-01-’12 22:41
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