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Why this country will split

14 08 10 - 04:51

We're all familiar with this dialogue:

Crowd: Gays have the right to get married if they want to!

Minority: Conservatives have the right to live in communities that don't endorse homosexuality, drug use, promiscuity or egomania!

The Crowd goes wild. After all, the minority has inverted the one-way decline that Crowds like: zero rules, zero restriction, the individual as absolute. But what if someone takes that the opposite direction, and says "this individual chooses as 'freedom' to live in a society that isn't based on throwing out restrictions, but on finding rational ones"?

Then they freak out. One-way is the only way for them, because it's easier to say what you don't want than to re-design a society. Given autonomy and wealth, they'd redesign a society which would end up being exactly like this one. Yet one more reason not to trust Crowds.

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