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What comes after the empty liberal symbols evaporate?

17 01 12 - 14:35

After trying to fit into this world it became clear to me, such a task was impossible. So I became a Libertarian, thinking that would be my way to explaining my disillusion with this modern world but even that was a failure.

After months of research I was slowly becoming a Conservative, enjoying the works of Disraeli, Burke, and Churchill. Yet while that seemed more comfortable to me when I finally stumbled upon the true hard – liners, the ones modern history conveniently forgot about, this was my great awakening.

Liberalism, even in a Conservative form, was a disease crippling Western civilization. It all leads back to the same source of envy from the mercantile class directed against the
aristocrats, nobles, and royalty because they rejected their right to govern and justified their hatred to the masses in the name of liberty.

Of course the peasants fell for this; they were promised that their voice will be the one that governs society. All wealth beyond your wildest dreams is awaiting you but first you must turn your back to family, community, God, and the principles of the past. In turn you become your own God, but conveniently subservient to a class of usurers, exploiters, and spiritually degraded sophists. We shall have a Heaven on Earth, this they told us was accomplishable and all horrifying acts in its name were justifiable actions.

Those are not views I subscribe to. The reality may be harsher but it should be accepted as such. Loyalty is the greatest principle one can hold and envy is one of the worst. The specter of the Left is coming; it will march out of the rubble that these people have laid our Western homelands to. It will be one which embraces racial and ethnic pride, loyalty to family and place, reverence to your God and ancestors, and shall break the clock of ‘liberty, egality, fraternity’ once and for all. - sllvnbranden

Nifty summary of both Twilight of the Idols and The Clash of Civilizations.

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