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How Facebook can stop you from ever having a job again

11 01 12 - 09:38

What do you do when you have controversial political opinions, and having your real name identified with them makes you a pariah?

As many people will be aware, Metal Archives has recently had an overhaul. This has included a new "members" section, which features information on past and present participants from bands/projects. This information not only supplies full names next to pseudonyms, it provides dates of birth, cities of residence etc where available.

Upon contacting Metal Archives, I was told that this information could only be removed if there was proof I lived in a country where such information being leaked could be detrimental towards myself (ie, a Damaar kind of situation). I argued the fact that some people's public associations with their bands could affect their employability to which I was simply told that if this information was put into the public domain, then it was fair game for them to print it. This insinuates to me that the only solution is that if any musicians want to operate anonymously, the use of sites such as facebook must be ruled out. I myself use facebook privately to keep in touch with foreign, and out of town friends, I was always careful with what I posted on there and kept personal information to an absolute minimum. This said, I obviously slipped by accepting a few "fanboy" adds, which is the only place where this information has slipped. - NWN

Third-party sites like Metal-Archives will not agree to change this information because their business is involved in having such information, and it was out there on the web and so they took advantage of it. however, this damages the musicians, who need to be able to express a spectrum of dangerous ideas (from extreme environmentalism and communism to ethnic nationalism) without retaliation against their real-world personae. After all, "economic censorship" is how this world keeps unpleasant but possibly valid ideas out of public discourse.

four comments

Maybe nationalism is invalid in general...

Just saying... Adrian - 11-01-’12 12:17
Just saying...
Nationalism is gay...by the way...

Look it rhymes!!!! Just saying... - 11-01-’12 12:18
Anal Warrior
Integrity? Anal Warrior (Email ) (URL) - 11-01-’12 12:39
the anus team worries they might lose their jobs at taco bell truth - 19-01-’12 19:29

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