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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Hail the new Dark Age!

14 08 10 - 04:37

The usual people are half-right:

Since the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the great Age of Reason, we have transformed our world. While we have lurched at times into bloody conflict, we have also excelled in literature, art, science and medicine. We have expanded the rule of law and democratic systems and we have alleviated more physical poverty in our own generation than in the whole of history. The triumph of our political and economic systems has enabled us to see off the threats of Nazi fascism and Soviet communism. Yet despite all this, we are now confronting a crisis of confidence, an uncertainty and a lack of optimism in our society which I believe is profoundly worrying. The Age of Reason is in danger of gradually shifting into reverse, while the culture of “whatever” – that one word so frequently used to dismiss objective reasoning – is on the rise. - The Telegraph

But where did that "whatever" come from?

America truly is becoming a mediocre place. In my relatively short lifetime, I’ve seen first-hand the descent of our national dialog into frivolity, triviality and irrelevance. I suppose that’s what happens when you remove certain masculine concepts such as dignity, honor and restraint and replace them with snarky gossip and a soap opera sensibility. - The Spearhead

And where did that come from? The Enlightenment, of course.

When you put the individual above his role in society, there is no longer a focus on being exceptional. We are accepted for being human, and we don't need to fulfill a role or reach for a goal.

So we become mental couch potatoes and from that, our decline unfolds.