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Kill fluffy

08 01 12 - 10:29

It's good to remember that while nothing is exactly as it appears, appearances can be both deceptive and real.

In a forest we see this most clearly.

For example, predators may try to eat you. Other creatures may be defensive and bite if approached. You can work around this, to some degree, but it's important to remember that their nature is a result of the need for them to interact with their environment.

However, appearances can also be deceptive. Snakes are not evil, nor are predators. They may be hungry or they may bite when threatened, but they're not looking to hurt you. If you respect their role as those which must eat and not be eaten, they will understand you and you will pass them by without a problem.

In the same way, fluffy creatures may be cute but parasitic. Take for example the common squirrel.

Squirrels are plentiful - overly so in some regions. Buddy initially began dispatching the squirrels because they were savaging the garden he'd so carefully planted. Their numbers were seemingly undiminished.

"Awwwwww!" you might coo. "But they're so adorable and sweet and and how could you be so very cruel as to eat the precious Disney fluffy-wuffy?"

Yup – they're all just darling until the day when you walk into your kitchen to find that one has gnawed through your window screen to make himself a snack of your tortillas. He's just there, lounging about on your table all bushy-tailed and cavalier until he spots you...and snarls...and then everything is a blur of tortillas and mange and horror.

There are plenty of squirrels in the world. You can stand to eat a few. - "Give Squirrel a whirl," CNN, May 20, 2011

Whatever your religious beliefs, they must include the certainty of death and even more, the necessity of death and predation. This is part of the grand design. Where do the souls of squirrels go, after death? (Personally, I like the idea that grifters, manipulators and shysters are re-incarnated as squirrels.)

And further, how is it that such cute and furry things can capture our hearts, and also be destructive? And yet also tasty? Do we let our emotions get in the way of killing them and eating them, or do we shrug and figure that the order of nature is divine and therefore not subject to alteration?

Even more, what's the best way to cook a squirrel?

four comments

The Koreans,Vietnamese,Chinese, Bataks of Indonesia and many other Asian tribes consume dogs and cats, animals that are seen as pets in other parts of the world...
They don't let emotions overule their head or guts ...follow their way...
Stew, soup or dried chili cantonese styled would be great Benny (Email ) - 08-01-’12 22:49
I like killing squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and other fluffy critters. They make good target practice. Denny - 09-01-’12 16:58
animal mother
Disagree. Unlike humanity, animals live in accordance with nature, but they have to die to make junk food for modern day morons. Now even parasitic lifeforms are mostly the result of human intervention. animal mother - 10-01-’12 22:07
stephen e hansen
eat 'em all, bunch of vermin, they r tasty stephen e hansen (Email ) - 10-03-’12 01:58

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