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The Emperor has no new clothes

06 01 12 - 06:56

Parsell, a Maine native who is in his late 20s, recently completed a master's degree at Boston College. He worked previously for the Virginia-based Leadership Institute, which trains conservative activists.

On Tuesday, an anonymous website called The State of Maine posted a story, "The Maine Heritage Policy Center Hires a Reporter Who Advocates White Supremacy."

The story posted links to comments that Parsell made on PolicyMic, a crowd-sourced news and discussion forum. In one of the comments, Parsell wrote that "cultural diversity combines with our increasing racial and ethnic diversity to degrade society."

Parsell linked to a video clip of Jared Taylor, a white nationalist, who says that diversity creates a "crazy mish-mash" that leads to social conflict and a dim future for white people.

The video is promoted by the National Policy Institute, which on its website portrays itself as a defender of the nation's white majority against policies that favor nonwhite immigrants and minorities. - The Press Herald

It's typical of denialism.

The Emperor has no new clothes; he's naked. People do not want to admit this and lose ground in the current power structure, so they fall all over each other in order to make strong statements denying the obvious.

Finally, one person accidentally speaks the truth in a way that reaches enough others to make it acceptable to talk about it.

The dam breaks.

We're witnessing it happening now. This guy, who was summarily fired, is just a late-battle casualty.

For him right now, the challenge is to not turn bitter and go extremist. A number of white nationalists who endorse rather extreme platforms are on the rebound from similar experiences.

seven comments

Fuck white people...

Nobody gives a shit if the white race is obliterated by minorities or anyone else... Adrian - 06-01-’12 18:11
Oh yeah, I do suck cocks...

Your daddy taught me everything I need to know about it... Adrian - 06-01-’12 18:23
We cannot regress to traditional values, which no longer apply. Any attempt to retreat to the methods of the past would condemn untold millions to a life of needless misery, toil, and suffering.

Grow up and embrace the Venus Project... Adrian - 06-01-’12 18:44
Yes, just embrace the latest variant in a narrative that has failed every time its been reiterated and everything will be okay! Adrian - 07-01-’12 00:33
Oh, and also embrace huge nigger dicks. One cock in every hole, pumping me full of cum... Adrian - 07-01-’12 06:41
Why do we really give any weight to the debate between multiculturalism and pan-nationalism?

Is it really important when from 1979-2007 the wealthiest 1% of Americans have had their income skyrocket by over 280%, while income for the bottom 90% (and don't tell me that ALL of them are idiotic proles) has fallen when adjusted for inflation?

Big Corporations can afford to have a customer base entirely overseas, therefore no longer needing a strong middle-class. The necessary taxes are not enforced on CEOs (most of which are not captains of industry -- they are people who simply manipulate a financial system), and the wealth divide increases until an inevitable third-world scenario.

But no, multiculturalism is apparently more likely to cause the downfall of America. Because there's conjecture that maybe it was one of the factors that caused Ancient Rome's downfall. Franny - 07-01-’12 21:55
could work
"Yes, just embrace the latest variant in a narrative that has failed every time its been reiterated and everything will be okay!"

You mean like nationalism? could work - 19-01-’12 09:52

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