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Fitna by Geert Wilders

02 01 12 - 10:56

This is the video documentary film by Geert Wilders - "FITNA" - released in 2008.

N.B.: nothing posted on this site necessarily constitutes advocacy or condemnation. It's food for thought. You're mature enough to handle it? Speaking of maturity, the people using racial slurs for humorous purposes are more mature than those who use them for some "political" end. It would be great if you stopped and simply went back to homoerotic double entendre however.

Interview with the filmmaker:

seventeen comments

Enda Miller
But a noise is in the mountains, in the mountains, and I know
The voice that shook our palaces--four hundred years ago:
It is he that saith not 'Kismet'; it is he that knows not Fate;
It is Richard, it is Raymond, it is Godfrey at the gate! Enda Miller - 02-01-’12 11:25
delete my post, will you, faggot?
>Fox News

Quality ANUS post. Do you plebes ever quote anything OUTSIDE the popular, non-educated media?

I have never in my life seen a scientific journal article posted here. The explanation is more

or less self-evident, really: you morons are far, far below the level of understanding

necessary to grasp even the abstracts, your positions are unsubstantiated but based on your

personal opinions/butthurt, and this site is un-scientific to begin with (awfully ironic for a

site purporting to represent reality). There’s no way that this third grade liberal arts major

bullshit about your personal philosophy can intersect with any ideas or research that is

actually substantial and interesting. Just as an example, your retarded ideas about “race”

have been steamrolled long, long ago by people much more intelligent and more competent than

you, e.g. those performing haplotype analysis on genetic markers.

>people using racial slurs for humorous purposes are more mature than those who use them for

some “political” end

Marginally. Using racial slurs to achieve “huh-huh, huh-huh” Beavis & Butthead level of humor

is at the maturity level of a 13 year old. delete my post, will you, faggot? - 02-01-’12 11:37
another trolled simpleton above me. sup - 02-01-’12 14:05
@delete my post
nice formatting, faggot @delete my post - 02-01-’12 14:37
Repeat the mantra after me:

Everyone's equal and all religions are the same.

Repeat it enough and it'll come true. Dave - 02-01-’12 14:53
@delete my post
Here's some hard science on race: http://www.goodrumj.com/RFaqHTML.html

FACT: blacks commit more crime than any other race according to FBI statistics. Asians commit less before you cry "racism".

FACT: Somalians score higher on IQ tests than African-Americans. @delete my post - 02-01-’12 14:57
RACITS!!1! Dave - 02-01-’12 15:20
"Derrrrr all races share up to 99.4% of their genes with one another, so race is just a social construct. I mean race doesn't exist at all!!!1!!" (end tantrum)

1. Liberalism doesn't hold a monopoly over science.

2. Liberal's abuse of science to deny human nature for their social dogma makes them the anti-intellectuals and crystallizes their misuse of education. The more they do so, the more desperate they appear.

3. Liberals are throwing a big stink over scientist's research on haplotype genetics, so of course in the end, the results will have to be dumbed down for political reasons. metosexual - 02-01-’12 16:46
former liberal, still 100% jewish
Support Israel! former liberal, still 100% jewish - 02-01-’12 16:47
"Population geneticists and computational biologists rubbed shoulders with ethics scholars and community activists at a meeting hosted by the National Institutes of Health, July 18-19 in Washington, D.C., to discuss the feasibility of the project. Comments were blunt, exchanges pointed. Some of the scientists may have been surprised at the passions and concerns their work evoked. And if suggestions offered at the meeting are implemented, some practices in population genetics will change for the better. The issues of race and ethnicity will not disappear, and a Haplotype Genome Project will surely increase their visibility. But allowing interested advocates the opportunity to tell it straight to the scientists offers hope that if it goes forward, its scientific leaders will be more sensitive to the possible misuses to which their work may be put."


Humans share 96% of their genes with chimps. Therefore, liberals should live with chimps and fuck them, too, since our differences are mere social constructs. metrosexual - 02-01-’12 16:55
Humans share about 60% of their DNA with bananas, so we should all stick bananas up our asses in the name of science and tolerance. AmazingAtheist - 02-01-’12 17:24
American Nihilist
(squeal!) American Nihilist (Email ) (URL) - 02-01-’12 19:31
Confident that Islam is not a threat to our way of life
I hate to disrupt the fear mongering above, but let's not forget that third generation immigrants are assimilated and abandon the superstitions of their ancestors in favor of a sinful western existence. For us, Islam is just a token religion that blows up the odd embassy. Nothing to worry about, keep watching the news and remember to buy loads of duct tape to keep biological and chemical weapons out of your trailers. Confident that Islam is not a threat to our way of life - 03-01-’12 00:09
Oh wow, an anti-Islamic sentiment endorsed by Brett Stevens. Unexpected!

Dude needs to take Israel's dick out of his mouth for five seconds. Franny - 03-01-’12 00:35
bitch, who you FITNA try?! @Franny - 03-01-’12 19:33



ITS FREE IT'S FREE - 03-01-’12 20:00
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