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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism


28 12 11 - 15:37


Instigator: Are you open-minded?

Well-intentioned Zombie: Yes...

Instigator: Blow this goat!

Well-intentioned Zombie: OK...


Instigator: Are you open-minded?

Nihilist: I'm what I appear to be.

Instigator: If you're not open-minded, you're a racist.

Nihilist: I am what I am; you're the one calling me a racist.

Instigator: I never called you anything!

Nihilist: Then why did you bring up racism? I didn't mention it.

Instigator: I'm going around testing people for racism.

Nihilist: Please leave me out of your witch hunt.

Instigator: But racism is bad!

Nihilist: It may be. But I don't want to be part of persecuting people for their beliefs.


They try to control your mind through binary morality.

The correct response is to deny not all morality, but the binary nature.

I do what is right -- it is not as you define it -- thus I keep focus on the bigger notion, which is doing what is right.

Let them burn in the bitterness of their own souls while you go do something fun.

eigthteen comments

fuck you!
being open-minded is important!

you can't come to all your conclusions yourself and expect them to be right!

nobody is perfect!(except for jesus lol)

you're not god!!! fuck you! - 28-12-’11 18:32
American Nihilist
Neither are you!!! American Nihilist (Email ) (URL) - 28-12-’11 18:53
sir poopington
this is some paranoid wacko shit right here sir poopington - 28-12-’11 19:40
virginity guy
LOL YAY GO VIRGINITY AND CHASTITY virginity guy - 28-12-’11 20:12
American Nihilist
That's racist! American Nihilist (Email ) (URL) - 28-12-’11 21:17
some guy
Why did you ban me from the metal comments? I thought anus was proud of its trolls :( some guy - 28-12-’11 22:14
Yeah ditto, what the fuck, queers? Got a little too butthurt? Not only can't I post on those comments, you also deleted them - cowardly move. Don't worry though, I'll be back to sodomize you some more so hold on to your butts! dude - 29-12-’11 06:40
This article is a lot funnier (and accurate) if you replace "Nihilist" with "Aspie". Seriously, the "Nihilist" character replies with non-sequiturs like some kind of chatbot. The normal guy just says "OK..." thinks "fuckin' weirdo" to himself, shakes his head and walks away, moving on with his life. NIggerlist - 29-12-’11 06:43
I do what is right -- it is not as you define it -- thus I keep sucking big black cocks. niggerlover - 29-12-’11 07:24
anus is just wordy fluff
>Nihilist: I am what I am

Nice tautology, Popeye McAutist. anus is just wordy fluff - 29-12-’11 17:15
"Let them burn in the bitterness of their own souls while you go do something fun."

This is actually more like how "hipsters" treat the raging spergy anusite, convulsing in his corner by himself about how everything sucks (especially modern metal) and posting threads about how depressed he is. This site, and this music it promotes, is fundamentally incompatible with happiness. There's just no other way around it. yup - 29-12-’11 17:23
happiness and comfort are retarded. no pain, no gain. @yup - 29-12-’11 18:44
brb every comment ignoring the actual point tittymac (Email ) - 29-12-’11 22:15
this is when anus goes full autist lol - 30-12-’11 06:29
Saint Augustine, Bitches
"Let us love him, for he himself created all these, and he is not far away from them. For he did not create them, and then go away. They are of him and in him. Behold, there he is, wherever truth is known. He is within the inmost heart, yet the heart has wandered away from him. Return to your heart, O you transgressors, and hold fast to him who made you. Stand with him and you shall stand fast. Rest in him and you shall be at rest. Where do you go along these rugged paths? Where are you going? The good that you love is from him, and insofar as it is also for him, it is both good and pleasant. But it will rightly be turned to bitterness if whatever comes from him is not rightly loved and if he is deserted for the love of the creature. Why then will you wander farther and farther in these difficult and toilsome ways? There is no rest where you seek it. Seek what you seek; but remember that it is not where you seek it. You seek for a blessed life in the land of death. It is not there. For how can there be a blessed life where life itself is not?" Saint Augustine, Bitches - 30-12-’11 20:30
arbitrary much?
"But I don't want to be part of persecuting people for their beliefs."

Oh, so the nihilist doesn't want to persecute people for their beliefs but it's perfectly fine to persecute people for losing in the genetic lottery? arbitrary much? - 31-12-’11 05:59
random arbitrariness
Fuck off, Dave. random arbitrariness - 31-12-’11 14:53
gw2 gold
I do accept as true with all the concepts you've introduced for your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very quick for newbies. May you please extend them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post. gw2 gold (URL) - 25-01-’13 20:16

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