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Don't cry about your dead kid

27 12 11 - 15:13

For all the hype, this paragraphs tell you all you need to know:

A state website shows that 15 registered sex offenders live in the park that numbers about two dozen homes. Plumadore is not on Indiana's registered sex offenders list. He has a criminal record in Florida and North Carolina that includes convictions for trespassing and assault. - Yahoo

There's so much wrong with this that I can't even begin to process it. Over half of the trailer homes in your trailer park have sex offenders, and you're keeping your kids around there? As always, the sins of the parents are visited onto the children, often through inconvenient orifices.

four comments

might wanna re-write
You forgot to blame it on liberals might wanna re-write - 27-12-’11 15:57
@ might wanna re-write
Hey kid... I got some fuckin ginger breads for ya! @ might wanna re-write - 28-12-’11 04:13
sane individual
>There's so much wrong with this that I can't even begin to process it.

This is my usual reaction to anus blog and forum posts. sane individual - 28-12-’11 05:13
Lonely 33
I wish I grew up in a trailer park for sex offenders. Lonely 33 - 28-12-’11 17:48

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