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27 12 11 - 07:47

Don't fall for it.

If every generation has a moment where they adopt a rose-colored perspective of the people and pop culture of its past, the 20-somethings had their turn in 2011.

Those who came of age in the '80s and '90s now span the demographic that's exiting college or creeping into their 30s. As they do so, various cultural outlets are recreating or referencing the TV shows, movies, fashion and music on which they were raised. - TPNN

Nostalgia is crazy for many reasons:

  • Backward-facing. When you admit nostalgia, you are expressly denying "the best is yet to come." There is a time for denying that; when you are elderly. Then you enjoy what you have done. Until then, while nostalgia "feels" like it has great emotional significance, it is a deception like the emotions of advertising.

  • Mind control. When others get you to repeat their symbols, jingles and ideas, they are re-enforcing these ideas in your head. It's no different than what they do in boot camps around the world, or in torture chambers. They are replacing your mind with their agenda.

  • Pure marketing. They took you the first time around because you were a child and children are not fully mentally formed. This time, they'll get you when you're weak and longing for how simple (and illusive) the world of childhood was. Fool you once, shame on me; fool you twice, shame on you...

  • You're missing out. While you throw your time, money and emotional energy into a giant trash can marked NOSTALGIA, stuff is happening right now that you want to be part of. Possible new avenues or discoveries; even possible greatness. And yet you voluntarily deny it, for a few trinkets.

Generation X got saddled with nostalgia because their childhoods were shattered by the rise of divorce, loss of family unity, the collapse of modern civilization and other problems. They learned over time: nostalgia just takes your time, replaces it with warm fuzzy feelings, and in the morning like a light frost they melt away.

You can learn from this and avoid it.

six comments

I like being a part of stuff.
"stuff is happening right now that you want to be part of."

Really? I like being a part of stuff. - 27-12-’11 09:17
Midget Porn Hub
What collapse of modern civilization? The Western World is stronger than ever. Everyone in the world speaks English or at least is trying learn some (even the damn Chinese and Pakis). In 2012 I have two laptop computers and a smartphone, while in 1980s I had only jeans and tapes. Can't wait for holographic porn!

Spengler lived with his mom so as you! Midget Porn Hub - 27-12-’11 09:25
fuck your nostalgia blog

Pretty much the only reason this site exists, it's just Prozak having a hard-on for a bunch of shitty bands he grew up with. That's why the "best of" shit is so arbitrary and none of it is recorded after the mid '90s. (in before "DURRR HURRR THATS WHEN METUL DIED") fuck your nostalgia blog - 27-12-’11 13:17
sir poopington
^ Yeah, but this is a pretty decent post, for recent anus. More like this and less "LI(E)BERALS HATE GOD AND SANTA, RACE MIXERS GO TO HELL" sir poopington - 27-12-’11 15:08
generation y
Yo dawg you be trippin generation y - 27-12-’11 18:22
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