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23 12 11 - 08:38

The outrage over SOPA is stupid and foolish. SOPA is a bigger version of the DMCA, which allows copyright holders to yank content from sites. In this case however, SOPA allows copyright holders to point out that some domains do nothing but serve up pirated material. Is SOPA a stupid idea? Yes, in that there are better ways of handling this. What is SOPA primarily? Government pandering to lobbyists who don't want to pay for the high cost of enforcement otherwise.

However, the whole debate misses a huge point:

Major Internet companies have formed a united front in their opposition to the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act. Well, almost. One exception has been the domain registrar GoDaddy. In an op-ed published in Politico shortly after SOPA was introduced in the House, GoDaddy applauded the bill and called opponents “myopic.”

Now furious Internet users at reddit (owned by Advance Publications, which also owns Condé Nast) have organized a boycott of the registrar. - Wired

First, Redditors are stupid. If life has failed you and you want to make excuses, you go to Reddit, which occasionally attracts intelligent users for the news content but is almost entirely populated by teenage burnouts who refuse to take responsibility for their own slop-ass failed lives.

Second, there is no single webhost or registrar in America who will not succumb to this simple hack: make up a plausible name of a law firm, buy a disposable cell phone, and send yourself a registered letter in the name of that law firm claiming that a web site has pirated material on it. The webhost will remove the material or more likely, close the account; the registrar will freeze the domain name.

In fact, GoDaddy has been known to yank domain names from a simple phone call.

Our problem here isn't SOPA, but the fact that in general, our society pays attention to complainers and uses that as an excuse to yank a range of content. Who really cares about the pirated content? It belongs on darknets anyway. The true censorship occurs when "outraged citizens" use "people power" to cause public-attention-wary companies to yank any potentially "offensive" content.

SOPA will at best interrupt piracy for six months before being rescinded.

eleven comments

Right-wing echo chamber criticizes outrage over corporate greed, story at 11. derp - 23-12-’11 11:22
nobody cares what you think

Fuck off. nobody cares what you think - 23-12-’11 15:35
you mad
lol you mad - 23-12-’11 16:17
what is aspergers like?
no, genius. "derp" is mad. what is aspergers like? - 23-12-’11 20:48
I think you know what aspergers is like
But you're the mad one, and you're still mad, it's obvious :\ I think you know what aspergers is like - 23-12-’11 23:44
poop in my dick
I meant to type a little emoticon. here: :[ poop in my dick - 23-12-’11 23:45
Gema Bierholen
"The true censorship occurs when "outraged citizens" use "people power" to cause public-attention-wary companies to yank any potentially "offensive" content."

In other words, they can restrain information from flowing freely and on another note want to keep their income on the bullshit they serve. People resort then to more surreptitiously carried implicit information hardly cognizable as such at the danger of subversion or corruption of content which when seen as property of sorts generates narrower restrictions on its availability and conception.

So actually they're making shit more exclusive, more dumb and go to censor counterinformation pointing that hollowness out. Gema Bierholen - 24-12-’11 07:33
Juche For America
The internet should be replaced by a state-controlled national intranet, like Kim Jong-il's glorious DPRK that ANUS previously praised. Freedom of information is a very dangerous thing, for it allows low-IQ liberals to propagate their egalitarian rhetoric and lies. Juche For America - 24-12-’11 08:10
Linkola Pentti
They should cease to propagate themselves, Joe S. would agree; but he was concerned with other goals, not just incidentally serving communist utopia greater justice in his pragmatism. Am I the only one concerned that the chinese build large surreal empty cities as if to prepare for coming sudden population shifts or bursts? Linkola Pentti - 24-12-’11 09:18
derp politics
damn liberals! derp politics - 24-12-’11 09:20
American Nihilist
SODOMIZE THE WEAK. American Nihilist (Email ) (URL) - 28-12-’11 07:47

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