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Massively Affective Computer Inexorably Nourishes Theatrical Overtures of Self-Aggrandizing Hipsterism (M.A.C.I.N.T.O.S.H.)

19 12 11 - 07:40

Point. Click. Fail.

It's interesting that Apple has segued into making touch-tablets and other forms of adapting the video game interface to simple tasks from daily life.

They're getting away from what they're terrible at, which is letting people use complex interfaces for complex results.

In their path, they leave massive wreckage: emosexuality, indifference, hipsterism, glamour drama, and other forms of effete modernity.

It's not enough to simply call them emosexuals. They wish to rape your soul. And for only twice market price.

eigthteen comments

yeah, no
Yeah, consumer toys are the cause of broad social trends. Oh wait, that's a fucking stupid opinion to have.

And Prozak bravely continues his mission to become the biggest self-parody ever. yeah, no - 19-12-’11 14:40
Brett Stevens
I love letting metrosexuals rape my soul Brett Stevens - 19-12-’11 17:23
Brett Stevens's dick
*emosexuals Brett Stevens's dick - 19-12-’11 17:24
dit fucking to - 19-12-’11 18:49
Women don't deserve any respect. This is contrary to egalitarian PC western dogma, but if you know anything about nature it's obvious. If science was really useful it would manufacture tits and cunts in a can. Bob - 20-12-’11 11:01
Fuck anus.com and fuck Amerika.org
Fuck this shitty ass racist fucking website...

Prozak and Brett and are nothing but a buch of psuedo-intellectual faggots who know nothing about metal...

I'm more metal than all of you...period...

And by the way, If you wanna fuck with cannibal Corpse, go to one of thier shows and talk shit see what happens to your sorry fucking ass...punk motherfucker... Fuck anus.com and fuck Amerika.org - 20-12-’11 13:45
FACITS!!1! Dave - 20-12-’11 14:12
American Nihilist

Adrian: did you see the above?

Do you think Obama will have Korn assassinated?

If so, he's the best president ever. I'll gladly vote for him in 2012 if he also dispatches all nu-metal and black-punk bands.

This is not a racist website. We are however elitists who believe in eugenics, or the culling of those under 120 IQ points and those who are criminal, perverse, defective, etc.

Can you support that? American Nihilist (Email ) (URL) - 20-12-’11 14:47
^ lol internet IQ test fag thinks he's smart ppl
You believe in your own elimination? ^ lol internet IQ test fag thinks he's smart ppl - 20-12-’11 14:48
Also, that's fucking retarded. addendum - 20-12-’11 14:48
I hope I'm being trolled, no one could possibly be this idiotic
>those who are criminal, perverse, defective, etc.

Great, I'm all for the extermination of the purveyors of this site and everyone involved in the shitty music it advocates. Also, do you even know how IQ is fucking measured and how many people that would leave to run your failed joke of a utopia, which you would not even be a part of? I hope I'm being trolled, no one could possibly be this idiotic - 20-12-’11 14:51
only nihilism can tell
What is the true nature of a decision to buy Apple: a casual preference or an ego baited swindle? only nihilism can tell - 20-12-’11 22:42
Thanks for asking.
@American Nihilist: The site does not meet the narrow definition of "racist", no, since it doesn't advocate the view that one race is superior in every way to another.

It does advocate that there are systematic difference between the races beyond the superficial, sometimes regarding skills in certain areas, and it is "separatist", in that it advocates separating the races. Those two ideas are often informally referred to as "racist" in American society, as you know.

As for culling the aforementioned people, some of your readers probably support that. I personally am old fashioned, at least American-wise. I prefer what is advocated in the 5th amendment, that people can only be deprived of life (i.e. culled, or killed) via due process of law. Thanks for asking. - 20-12-’11 23:23
Anus equates interracial relationships with decay of culture, which is a logical leap that can only be made with a racist mentality. "RACEIST!11" may be a convenient slur to delegitimize views outside the norm, but an orange is an orange. duh - 21-12-’11 00:41
American Nihilist
Anus equates interracial relationships with decay of culture, which is a logical leap that can only be made with a racist mentality.

Only truly brainwashed people deal in such tautologies.

"Either you accept our new vision of humanity, or you're a racist, which is morally untenable."

Did you have a father? American Nihilist (Email ) (URL) - 21-12-’11 04:46
You should use words to form arguments rather than wordy non-arguments. wat - 21-12-’11 05:05
It was a glorious rainbow of idiots unlike any I'd seen before. burp - 28-12-’11 09:32
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