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A great man fallen

18 12 11 - 22:52

Here at ANUS, we love all dictators.

They understand a divine wisdom: humanity is a means to an end.

Humanity as an end in itself is an unterminated question. It asks itself perpetually in tautological form what it wants to do. It doesn't know. So it manufactures internal drama and the cycle goes on, circular logic ad infinitum.

Genius minds like Josef Stalin recognized that people were like clay to be molded into greater things. And if you trimmed some extra clay, so what? The normal person does nothing that particularly binds them to this life. "Not wanting to die is your (only) reason to live."

King Jong-Il was another spectacular dictator. Like other critics of the society of humans-as-the-goal-of-humanity, such as school shooters, Ted Kaczynski, Pentti Linkola, Friedrich Nietzsche and others who truly saw that society was a massive failure, Kim Jong-Il shaped his people like clay. He made an empire where none was before. And if they starve? The piercing pains are just that much more meaning to life, much more than they would find while sitting in a Brooklyn apartment getting obese on fast food and imported wine between scintillating stints at their day jobs as designers or press release supervisors or whatever make-work crap passes for important in capitalism these days.

We will miss you, Kim Jong-Il. You were one of the few who understood. We must oppress ourselves or we degenerate. In this way alone, all dictators are closer to heaven than the average human could ever dream of being.


rip Grorious Reader Mason - 18-12-’11 23:12
It's cute that ANUS is trying so hard to be controversial now. It's like a little kid putting up Cannibal Corpse posters to shocks his parents. Awwwwwww! Franny - 19-12-’11 00:28
Buttercup Dew
lol shark jump Buttercup Dew (Email ) (URL) - 19-12-’11 00:31
Chris Benoit
Eric Harris was right on about some shit

http://acolumbinesite.com/wisdom2.html Chris Benoit - 19-12-’11 00:36
absence of empathy is the essence of evil
you fuckin psycho. go live in north korea were they starve innocent humans to death. don't give in to the temptation to go from one extreme to the other (the american fat-ass moron -> killing your own people indiscriminately).
'trimming the clay' ? you'd be the first to taste the clay in the oven if you lived in a state of your beloved dictators. you're lucky to have freedom of speech you know.

it's ok to kill, but not indiscriminately. stalin was an animal more than a human, a psychopath with a restrained spectrum of emotions par excellence.

no dictator you mentioned made any selection by merits when deciding to 'trim' their country of excess humanum. the only good this brings is reducing the world population of average humans, but at what cost? absence of empathy is the essence of evil - 19-12-’11 01:56
.cyberdemon orgy
better yet:
http://acolumbinesite.com/eric/writing/journal.html .cyberdemon orgy - 19-12-’11 02:19
to the grave
so you worship school shooters with a deathwish because they have the guts you DON'T have and they have some simple misanthropic beliefs that only approximate yours.

reading that retarded rant can only make me sad: terminating your life and others' has some deeper motivations beyond any ideology.

fuck yall' good riddance! to the grave - 19-12-’11 02:58
You know what?
I agree with allot of what this site has to say, but this is bullshit. If you lived in North Korea, you wouldn't think this way, your high standard of living gives you the freedom to peruse these philosophical points from the safety of your own home. If you lived there, much of what you say would get you thrown into labour camps where you work until you die. It's nice to throw around these points like "trimming the fat", and it's easy to say when your removed from the situation, but that country represents hell on Earth.

Now don't get me wrong, I agree democracy is a stupid form of government, or at least the present liberal concept of it. What do you honestly think this guy did that was so damn merit full? Just because something opposes some ideas of our society, doesn't automatically make it good.

Case in point, if you lived there, I doubt you'd think he was the best person in the world, and hey, if you did, it's because your minds so weak that he and his government manipulated you to the point of thinking nothing else.

How are all dictatorships a good thing?
You speak people as being clay...
but what absolutely fantastic thing comes out of there that you admire so highly?
Their low standard of living?
The lack of freedom of speech?
The poverty?
What about the police state?
What about the propaganda?

The ironic thing, is if you lived there, I doubt you'd have the freedom to go around spreading the "philosophical points" of black and death metal.

Just because something is not democratic, it doesn't automatically make it good. You know what? (Email ) - 19-12-’11 02:59
Jong Ching Un
Dear Leader is not gone, contrary to pigdog disgusting capitalist propaganda.

After 7 seven days, the clouds will open and the sun will shine stronger ever, and then, Kim Jong Il will descend from the heavens in a majestic golden whale, and wielding a sacred bow given to him by Mao itself, and then he'll use the bow the cast down american scum and eliminate blog writers all over the country.

But he won't do that because of vengeance, de does this act because he forgives the human race for not showing their devotion to him. He will cleanse this world from our mistakes, he will bless us, and welcome all of us with open, to his glorious kingdom. Jong Ching Un - 19-12-’11 05:22
Except he didn't do anything to mold his people into greater beings, he just starved them and drank $800,000 worth of Hennessy a year. Sqwurm - 19-12-’11 06:19
a prop for brett
Kim Jong ill was a fag.

Brett, you should really try to enact your beliefs in some radical form instead of paying homage to dictators who only made their people miserable.

You want this social change and to downsize humanity yet you only speak of it and not act.

How about you become the next Ted Kaczynski instead of idolizing him? a prop for brett - 19-12-’11 06:50
A lot of people just got trolled. ANUS wins again. Anusite - 19-12-’11 08:01
AIDS Victim

We must oppress ourselves or we degenerate. In this way alone, all dictators are closer to heaven than the average human could ever dream of being.

Too complicated. AIDS Victim (Email ) - 19-12-’11 08:09
I'm glad that ANUS makes posts like these, because it helps people gradually realize how retarded this site really is. Please, don't buy into any of this site's bullshit thinking they know something you don't. You'll regret it. "absence of empathy is the essence of evil" had it right - 19-12-’11 09:24
@absence of empathy is the essence of evil
"absence of empathy is the essence of evil"

So would that make autistic children and people with schizoid personality disorder evil? @absence of empathy is the essence of evil - 19-12-’11 09:44
Bile On My Cock
This article is a good reason why I hardly listen to what ANUS has to say anymore, troll or not. Bile On My Cock - 19-12-’11 09:59
Yeah. Tell us what you really think.
Back to your roots, eh? What I like about this post is that it doesn't hold out any hope of winning over anyone. No pragmatics whatsoever.

But please, remember this post the next time you're tempted to claim Republicans, mainstream conservatives (neo- or otherwise), libertarians, the 1%, or Texas separatists as allies. None of them want this shit any more than the liberals do.

Also, commenters, please remember this post before you criticize someone for making reference to Hitler, as this post shows that such references when it comes to ANUS are probably not exaggerations. Yeah. Tell us what you really think. - 19-12-’11 10:40
Kim Jong did Not opress himself. He was a coward because he wouldn't put himself in those same circumstances he put his people under. Just look at those fat cheeks and that gluttonous chin! He was not intelligent or strong hearted enough to free himself of a long line of father to son conditioning that probably stems from some inferiority complex reflected in the obsession with power and control over others. Conformity and the rape of individual creativity and intelligence that comes with it are paramount to NK society, this is Hell on Earth. You want to live in this conformist society? You need a Leader to follow? Or Do you have some hidden inferiority complex that makes you thirst for power over others for its compensation like cops, priests, judges, teachers? You want to be a leader and feel good about yourself through the fact that ohters are stupid enough to follow? A real leader to me is one who does not want to lead but just does naturally.
Whoever at anus wrote this is probably a good meaning, thoughtful person but has been raped of his energies by the addiction of hate that comes with living in a world of mediocre and retard types, and so easily falls into the blindness of fanaticism. Dylan (Email ) - 19-12-’11 11:15
Dude anus is so dark and edgy. Mom would totally flip if she knew I read this!! Joshua - 19-12-’11 14:38
Brett Stevens's dick
trololololo lololo lololo trololololo Brett Stevens's dick - 19-12-’11 14:56
not even joking
>been raped of his energies by the addiction of hate that comes with living in a world of mediocre and retard types,

I think it's more an addiction to hate from being picked on in middle school and a self-perpetuating insular mentality from listening to a really narrow subset of really shitty angry tantrum music. not even joking - 19-12-’11 15:31
not even joking
I'm not a big death/black metal fan, but it doesn't sound anything like "angry tantrum music" to me. It's pompously structured and the vocals are passive burps (rather than the RARRHH style of Pantera, Hatebreed, etc).

Basically you're as dumb as anus. not even joking - 19-12-’11 15:44
Butt AD
Dictators are usually right
They always know it's better to fight
Morons don't change, they only destroy
Treating the world like a personal toy

Education is a hopeless goal
Better to teach with a bullet hole
Stack up the bodies to cover with dirt
Then maybe we'll see what society's worth

No man, no problem
No man, no problem Butt AD - 19-12-’11 18:55
Sheesh McGeesh
well OF COURSE you're going to disagree! Sheesh McGeesh - 19-12-’11 19:15
AIDS Victim
I admire Joseph Stalin. "Machine guns at the rear." People are useless; he knew how to make them actually get something done, instead of what they usually do, which is screwing around while blaming the government for their "woes." AIDS Victim (Email ) - 20-12-’11 08:20
you can admire Stalin all you want from your bas.ement, you ineffectual fleck of shit on the Earth's surface
He was a paranoid fuck who hated everything and everyone was glad when he died, even he probably was. you can admire Stalin all you want from your bas.ement, you ineffectual fleck of shit on the Earth's surface - 20-12-’11 14:33
dumb motherfuckers (all 26 comments before now)
You insensitive cock-suckers! north korea just lost their most brilliant leader, it's a time of mourning not questioning whether dictatorship is morally right or wrong. Now you'd better pray that north korea doesn't take it's hurt out the rest of this stupid world. dumb motherfuckers (all 26 comments before now) - 20-12-’11 16:12
Look buddy, just because Kim Jong Il looks like a fat virgin aspie like you, doesn't mean you have to idolize him. ChrisChanSonichu - 20-12-’11 17:13
Negru Voda
>can confirm that Kim Junk Ill was not virgin

his 3 inch corean manhood felt great sliding inside my rectum. You should try greasy yellow corean sex sometime, chris-chan. I think you would also like it. Negru Voda - 20-12-’11 17:41
>>Negru Voda - 20 12 11 - 17:41

I will! Thank you, father! Sonichu - 20-12-’11 18:34
Haven't been here in a while. Glad I left this place behind. Wow... - 20-12-’11 19:22
Also, this post PROVES what I've been saying all along: that ANUS is a leftist organization. Yeah. - 20-12-’11 19:25
Whoa dude this is so dark and edgy XDDD Euronymous was a communist too, he loved communism for the suffering it caused, he was so dark and brutal XP~~~ BrutalSlayerOvZeChris-|-ians420 - 21-12-’11 12:32
great guy
"Shaped them like clay"

I like this a lot. Puts things into perspective. North Korea is beautiful. great guy - 21-12-’11 18:31
Idiots Unite
It's called Sarcasm people..... Idiots Unite (Email ) - 21-12-’11 22:04

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