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06 12 11 - 19:27


fuck fingoloids
who cares fuck fingoloids - 08-12-’11 01:04
never seen so awesome and meaningfull post....hail pakistan.... insightful - 08-12-’11 01:14
Skim Milk
Highest male suicide rate, highest coffee consumption per capita, first country to let women vote. WUT Skim Milk - 08-12-’11 05:02
The War Must Go On
Intriguing - this pullulated a rainbow of thoughts. HAIL ANUS The War Must Go On - 08-12-’11 05:45
penis in my dicks
So are you a racist right wing echo chamber or are you in love with liberal progressive countries like Finland? Please get your shit together, I'm trying to decide which kind of stupid you are. penis in my dicks - 08-12-’11 07:28
Liberals are retarded
Amazing these libtards can even get their panties in a bunch over something so simple as a post consisting of "Hail Finland". Your milk is getting cold. Liberals are retarded - 08-12-’11 07:42

lol poop - 08-12-’11 07:47
Impaled Nazarene, Beherit, Demigod, Demilich, etc... Indeed! - 08-12-’11 07:52
Suomi Finland Liberale
Pentti Linkola, vodka, thousand lakes, etc... Suomi Finland Liberale - 08-12-’11 08:32
Fail Finland!
Hail America and multiculturalism! Fail Finland! - 08-12-’11 08:36
LOL YAY GO OLD-SCHOOL FINNISH DM!!!! multiCUMturalism - 08-12-’11 08:49
Go back to 4chan weeaboos
This isn't /b/ retards, stop using implying(">") or as you faggots probably know it "greentext". Go back to 4chan weeaboos - 08-12-’11 09:53
I don't like Finland because it doesn't make Anime like Japan. /b/rony - 08-12-’11 09:53
@Go back to 4chan weeaboos
This blog says "fail" as a noun. Any memeish internet diction is warranted here. @Go back to 4chan weeaboos - 08-12-’11 10:10
http://cosmodromium.blogspot.com/2011/12/orthodox-gonfaloniers-vs-faggotry.html Ouroboros - 08-12-’11 10:13
finland sucks
HAIL RUSSIA! finland sucks - 08-12-’11 10:18
fucking aspies
>Implying that you're better than me because I am a dog-fucking 4channer who watches Lucky Star every day

lol fucking aspies - 08-12-’11 11:47
@fucking aspies
I didn't imply it, I know it and stated it as a fact. Your probably the one with Asperger's, you probably cockblock yourself and are friendzoned by some girl who you think is your soul mate. @fucking aspies - 08-12-’11 13:14
lol @ autistic faggots
>Pick Up Artists

No, sorry, you fags are the lowest form of life, even lower than autistic metal fags. If that's all you've got then I am going to go back to getting knotted by my german shepherd and watching Naruto. lol @ autistic faggots - 08-12-’11 13:51
LOL YAY GO RACITS LOL YAY11!1 Dave - 08-12-’11 16:08
P.S. Happy Pearl Harbor day, queers!
Hey faggot, how come you didn't write "HAIL ROMANIA" on December 1st? Romania is ten times more badass than Fagland, being home to Vlad the Impaler and your idol Codreanu whose likenesses you beat off to each night in your mother's base.ment. Finland on the other hand is a country of non-European snow niggers who crave multi-culti black meat.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7QycwX05po P.S. Happy Pearl Harbor day, queers! - 08-12-’11 17:50
prozak is actually gay but can't act on it cos hes a virg
Just in time for the release of the new Nightwish!

What did y'all think? prozak is actually gay but can't act on it cos hes a virg - 08-12-’11 18:00
What Pearl Harbor day fag really means
Hey! I'm Romanian too and I want you guys to like me! Please love me. I'm such an autistic faggot that I go onto a site I hate and spam fucking retarded comments in a pathetic attempt to get attention. Please... somebody... FUCK YOU ASPIES What Pearl Harbor day fag really means - 08-12-’11 20:46
Buttercup Dew
I like milkshake. Buttercup Dew (URL) - 09-12-’11 08:46
What a weird aspie post. lol - 09-12-’11 10:24
the bronies are at it again lol - 09-12-’11 12:25
I love how some dumbfuck heard about autism/asperges disorder (probably got diagnosed with it) and now everyone uses it as their primary defence whenever they get offended by the anus blog posts including simple shit like posting the finnish flag coraxo - 09-12-’11 16:38
true story
Cuntservationist diagnosed most people in the forum with it. true story - 09-12-’11 18:49
Yes, Hail Finland!

Fuck you all. GL - 09-12-’11 20:23
hail pakistan
hail pakistaaaaaaan hail pakistan (Email ) (URL) - 09-12-’11 23:37
Awhile back, it was trendy for internet nerds to diagnose themselves with autism/ass burgers, now it's trendy for internet nerds to diagnose others with the same conditions. Projection, maybe? Anyway, the FUCK U ASPIES posts are all from one guy, a visitor from 4chan. gay - 10-12-’11 00:15
Tom the big nigger lips
I hate Finland, but I sure loves impregnating their platinum blonde women! Tom the big nigger lips - 10-12-’11 05:44
Tyrone Jonhson
Cock Shitballs
Dicks in my ass. Cock Shitballs (Email ) - 11-12-’11 23:46
Multikult Radikult
Finland sucks. Next post. Multikult Radikult - 12-12-’11 04:41
They're obviously praising Nazi sympathisers for resisting the Soviet effort in Finland which was aimed at working class empowerment. Down with fascists and inequality! Down with Finland! Dave - 12-12-’11 20:06
max hardcore
Finland: gayest country in the world after sweden max hardcore - 13-12-’11 13:31
haha fags
"Finland: gayest country in the world after sweden"

I hate Finland because it's everything America is not. haha fags - 13-12-’11 23:05
Hey you, " Max hardcore " I'm from sweden, and if you doesnt got any better to coem up with than " Sweden is the gayest in the world ". Then you just should be ashamed of yourself. Well, you should just get here, and let us know about your thoughts. And lets see how rough you are. Everything is about the screen. You are nothing without your screen. I bet you are an 30-year old virgin. How wanks off everynight until you get scratches on you penis and cry yourself to sleep. Just get here and be cocky mate. remaxhardcore (Email ) - 14-12-’11 02:13
lol @ swedefags taking some autistic 4chan refugee's retarded trollpost seriously ASPIE AUTIST - 14-12-’11 10:11
Political Nerd
http://www.dungeoneers.com/ronpaul/ Political Nerd - 16-12-’11 03:11
I enjoy penus Suck (Email ) (URL) - 17-12-’11 15:15

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