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Butt chugging

02 12 11 - 12:17

In addition to using tampons, the broadcast also stated that teens are taking part in "butt chugging" where alcohol is consumed rectally with a beer bong or beer funnel. "Butt chugging" seems to be done to avoid having alcohol breath. - KPHO

See the video also.

First person to butt chug while huffing jenkem wins a prize.

ten comments

Nazi Nigger
Sometimes I feel like life is trolling me. Nazi Nigger - 02-12-’11 18:22
We do it in the frat it helps us feel like real men in the butt. Yep - 02-12-’11 18:53
life IS trolling you!
@Nazi Nigger

Awwwww...somebody still has an axe to grind, but has no intellectual backing. life IS trolling you! - 02-12-’11 21:24
smartest kids never went to college
"Well then you need to get involved," Thomas said. "Stop being your kid's friend and be their parent first."

what's amazing is that people have to be told this. smartest kids never went to college - 02-12-’11 21:28
@life IS trolling you!
Why do you continuously bore us all with your faggotry? There are other forums to discuss your adult baby fetish. @life IS trolling you! - 03-12-’11 06:40
Black Jenkem Jimmy
That was hot!!!! My turn! Black Jenkem Jimmy - 03-12-’11 10:20
We prty umuchhit that shit every week the problem is we were so toasted we were trying to just clean it out w/ sum beer but my bud got HIV+ and soWTF DUDe make sur u had ur own tube n don't share 2 much ButtCHuggerANON - 03-12-’11 11:05
bungalo bill
HAHA open up your ass Trav! omg THis is the gayest thing i've ever seen im so turned on!! bungalo bill - 04-12-’11 22:28
Blotter-Fraternal Hell
Into the frat world slowly I creep
Into my ass the bong runs deep
This time I`m trapped and cannot return
These are the certain things a mere pledge can learn
Wildest fantasy at first it feels good
Slowly things happen not the way they should
I draw in the beer as I'm ripped wide apart
shopping at Hollister wont get me in but it's a start.
Jump out of bathtub And I'm fully gay
Feeling a tremor as my rectum starts to ache
I realize it now as they muffle my scream
Brody uploads the vid as Josh goes in for another ream... Blotter-Fraternal Hell - 04-12-’11 23:03
wow gold
Great site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also wow gold (URL) - 28-01-’13 23:27

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