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4chan leaps over shark effortlessly

09 08 10 - 22:03

The problem with Crowds is that they infest anything, treat it as if it were as shallow as they, and then norm/average it into the same old thing.

4chan used to be the anarchy zone; now it's another gathering place for the mostly-liberal, mostly-hipster, alienated, self-victimizing, aimless and underutilized crowd of bored white youth.

These are people who by definition cannot do anything important, so they band together in a group, find the lowest common denominator and go into self-righteous rage. Difference between them and Baptists burning witches and/or banning dancing: zero.

ACTA, or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is a proposed trade agreement which is theorized by some to be the Final Boss of the Internet. Its proponents claim the treaty to be a response "to the increase in global trade of counterfeit goods and pirated copyright protected works.

Take a good look at this image and get involved in an attempt to save the internet as we know it. To ignore this is to lose the majority, if not ALL of the things we use the internet for in our daily lives.

For once, we all must join to save our one common interest.

We are Anonymous We are Legion We do not Forgive We do not Forget

That reads like any other press release, if they tried to use "edgy" youth language. We're the oppressed! Stop the powers that be! ...and we'll do good things, really, to make everyone see the New Age light of freedom and love and peace, and man, we're not hippies but if you just look at it, without those laws it could be totally beautiful.

That was the sound of 4chan jumping the shark. /b/tards, now you're mundane, run-of-the-mill, just like everyone else, normal, which means ineffective, political zealots. You've become the same self-congratulatory, Volvo-driving, high-ticket-goods craving, mincingly politically correct dipshits we've all come to loathe. Sure, you use racial epithets and sexist jokes, but you make it clear that's just for humor. You're as moral as the pope (or Michael Moore), and your morality has blinded you so that you don't want to fix the problem so much as carve out a niche for yourselves.

You've sold yourselves out, as wiser minds predicted you'd do. Now you are as relevant as any other neutred, mincing charity. You're part of the system of failure, not the antidote.

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