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Never thought of this

26 11 11 - 21:15

I've always been hostile to external viewing of self, but sometimes there is self-induced external viewing of self:

According to the CDC, those who choose to maintain their virginity past age 18 (while 80 percent of men and 75 percent of women shed their “v-card” by then) do so because of “religious or moral qualms, fear of pregnancy, and simply because they “just haven’t found the right person.”

For Carletha, the choice to maintain her virginity after all these years has played a part in not only how she sees herself, but as a leader on campus, how others view her.

“If I was promiscuous, getting drunk every night, disrespecting myself and not handling my business then I wouldn't be looked at as a role model.” - Unigo

Applies equally to cigarettes, booze, violence, bovine rape, cheating on tests, laziness, groin fungus, etc.

thirteen comments

Your point? ... - 27-11-’11 04:28
His point is that he's a 40 year old virgin and so therefore isn't an unattractive loser but rather a pure and admirable gentleman. das - 27-11-’11 06:05
Russell the Love Muscle

yeah,I tell myself that every time I'm coverin' up those "cold sores" Russell the Love Muscle - 27-11-’11 20:50
@ all comments before now
I guess you dumbfucks fit into the 80% of average everyday morons group. bravo! @ all comments before now - 28-11-’11 06:04
Really Fat Ugly Girl
If even I can have 10 kids and easily get fucked by all the guys I pick up at Walmart, any 40 year-old version must have done so by choice. Really Fat Ugly Girl - 28-11-’11 06:24
What happened to corrupt.org? corrupt? - 28-11-’11 10:09
No one where cares about corrupt.org
I figured Brett was a virgin. No one where cares about corrupt.org - 28-11-’11 12:23
Women not being convinced into having sex with you (come on, how hard can it be?) is an evolutionary safety mechanism against your defective genes.
Yeah dude, fight the power! It's cool to be in that elite minority group that still has their virginity after age 30. Women not being convinced into having sex with you (come on, how hard can it be?) is an evolutionary safety mechanism against your defective genes. - 28-11-’11 15:58
Corrupt.org was a good site, shame they got rid of the decent writers and turned it into some idiots personal blog, making posts about hair care and other useless crap. corrupt.org - 28-11-’11 16:24
This is priceless.

You *need* to be with a certain amount of women to find out which type of woman you're truly compatible with, and yes, that includes sexual compatibility.

And wow, comparing anything other than chastity to bovine rape. ANUS has jumped the shark. Franny - 28-11-’11 17:15
another 'corrupt' comment
Corrupt used be OK, with several articles about nihilism and inspirational figures (i.e. Eckhart, Socrates). It was where I first discovered Nietzsche. Then it went downhill and eventually stopped posting completely.
Virtue. The modern mind seems to equate sex with success. If you can have sex, you are successful. This is a by product of the hippy mentality that sex is just for fun. From an evolutionary point of view humans are monogomous animals who form families in order to raise and educate their young. Therefore, the modern polygomous lifestyle is why humans are becoming more and more stupid.
Just because you've had sex, it doesn't mean you are a useful member of society. another 'corrupt' comment - 29-11-’11 23:42
What I've heard from my American female friend (currenly living with me in Europe) is that most American girls don't mind taking it into ass or giving blowjobs in order to preserve their (vaginal) virginity.

The whole chastity and staying virgin thing is a virtue and something to brang about only if you are a narcissist aspie who cannot get laid - I can hardly find other explainations.

Having lots of sex with pretty girls automatically means you at least have some social skills, which for sure most metalheads and nerdheads don't have. Social skills are more important in 21st century than, let's say, any of your medieval nerd history stuff and obscure metal CD's.

10% will always have sex with dozens and hunders of women, 90% will marry that fuck material some time later and raise kids of that 10%.

Orgies are cool too. Gaddafi and his sons has had alcohol-driven orgies with hot slavic chicks while his religious countrymen peasants were prohibited by him and religion to arrange orgies and drink alcohol. What a joke society and religion is! Orgy69 (Email ) - 30-11-’11 16:31
Society and religion - psssshhh. What a joke those things are! Orgy69 - 30-11-’11 18:30

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