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Science is sofa king todd did

24 11 11 - 06:48

The men in the study who ate about two servings of hamburger or meat loaf per week were more than twice as likely to have been diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer as the men who ate none. But most of that increase in risk can be attributed to how the meat was cooked.

When the researchers looked only at the members of the burger-loving group who ate their meat grilled or barbecued, the numbers told a different story: The men who preferred their burgers well-done had double the cancer risk, while those who liked them medium (or rarer) had a negligible increase in risk -- just 12 percent. A similar pattern was seen with grilled or barbecued steak.


When meat is cooked -- and charred -- at high temperatures over an open flame, a reaction occurs that causes the formation of two chemicals: heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). In animal studies, these chemicals have been shown to cause several types of cancer, including prostate cancer. - CNN

"Science": the mastery of assigning details of correlation to a causal role.

More likely, there's a lifestyle correlation here. People who don't like to taste meat are generally unwell.

But in the meantime, I'm going to continue to enjoy blood-dripping meat straight from the kill.

My only wish is that we could eat (the dumb and delusional, cruel and selfish) humans instead of these otherwise decent animals.

eight comments

You don't want to eat humans man. Cows eating dead cows led to mad cow disease. Who knows what kind of gross condition you'd develop after spending 2 weeks feasting on one of those gargantuan motorized stroller users. hurrr - 24-11-’11 08:28
Donner Party (all night)
Mmmmm...proles. Now that's some gooood eatin'. Donner Party (all night) - 24-11-’11 12:07
are you serious?
are you saying i should eat nothing but raw hamburger meat if i want to stay healthy? because that sounds sweet. literally never heard of that. im sick of all of the shit i have to eat thats tampered with to get my nutrients.

but isnt there diseases you get from eating raw meat or is that bullshit? are you serious? - 24-11-’11 12:13
I can recommend a recipe
No dum-dum, you should eat PEOPLE. I can recommend a recipe - 24-11-’11 13:58
you said a mouthful brother 42 - 24-11-’11 20:44
Of course you shouldn't eat raw meat. However, burning food kills off all the nutrients. Cooking meat slightly and eating raw vegetables has always been a better alternative. Don't confuse fresh with 'sitting around on a supermarket shelf'-that food needs to be cooked a little to kill bacteria. orcnomad - 24-11-’11 22:09
Look up "BLUE STEAK" - you just need to kill the bacteria on the outside of the meat. Ground meat = bad mojo. Organic is recommended if you can afford not to eat weird antibiotics and growth hormones (that increase the size of the meat but dilute its nutrients). BLUE STEAK - 25-11-’11 07:48
with the title
I see what you did there with the title - 25-11-’11 21:43

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