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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Brett Stevens radio interview

22 11 11 - 05:36

Robert discusses a written interview with Brett Stevens. Topics include:

  • How the rise of liberalism made an enemy out of nationalism & traditionalism
  • How diversity itself rather than its ingredients is the problem with multiculturalism;
  • The correlations between the fall of our modern civilization with the fall of empires throughout history;
  • How liberalism always targets the “favored” in order to promote its agenda—equality though distribution of wealth and crippling of ability;
  • How liberalism, egalitarianism, and anti-elitism share a common root in human psychology;
  • How the Left hijacked environmentalism and the need for deep ecology.

On Voice of Reason Radio, a non-partisan LA-based radio show that covers a variety of topics and is friendly to nationalism, monarchism and deep ecological initiatives. See also Robert Stark's writings on Examiner.com.

sixteen comments

STEVENs FAN #1!!!!!!
LOL YAY GO BRETT STEVENS!!! STEVENs FAN #1!!!!!! - 22-11-’11 12:28
Mmm Brett Stevens has a big sexy cock. JooPe - 22-11-’11 16:34
Actually, he sounds like he is kinda compensating for something with pseudo-intellectualism via convoluted/counter-intuitive language. And his conduct is actually quite anti-intellectual. JooPe - 22-11-’11 17:04
"discourse is better than name calling like a little kid"...

But only when the other side is expected to not use insults, regardless of how warranted they are. Yay go team hypocrisy, weakness prevails! JooPe - 22-11-’11 17:07
Holy shit! JooPe IS the new Dave! Yesssssss! - 22-11-’11 17:30
Disregard that, I suck cocks. Hard. JooPe - 22-11-’11 17:38
Joope does not a Dave make.
FUCK OFF, PEOPLE WHO THINK HE IS DAVE. Joope does not a Dave make. - 22-11-’11 18:11
Public Announcement.
Unfortunately, due to his crippling aspicburgurs and social anxiety, Stevens Brettens will be unable to conduct this interview live. Public Announcement. - 22-11-’11 18:12
He's hiding from that creepy stalker guy, JooPe. lurz - 22-11-’11 18:14
Fuck off, JooPe. anti-JooPe - 22-11-’11 18:37
All I want is cock. JooPe - 22-11-’11 19:09
HPL would be jealous
ANUS with teeth... HPL would be jealous - 22-11-’11 23:08
You guys make my day by giving me an excuse to call myself 'well-adjusted'. I love you guys. JooPe - 22-11-’11 23:10
Happy Thanksgiving!
You're welcome...FAGGOT!!! Happy Thanksgiving! - 22-11-’11 23:21
[/effeminate accent]
Brent Steeephens!!! [/effeminate accent] - 23-11-’11 07:34
wtf gay
this is fake. not a real interview. and this guy reading sucks at talking.

best part is The Cult intro. wtf gay - 23-11-’11 12:20

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