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Job opportunity for rightists

19 11 11 - 08:25

Rare movement job opportunities: The Barnes Review may be hiring three people for a new Virginia office. One, an office manager, whose duties will include handling vendors (such as the printers and direct mail people), bookkeeping, inventory and order fulfilment (particularly of books) @ around $35,000/year. Two, an administrative assistant who willhandle book order fulfilment and answer the phones, as well as assist on other tasks @ around $18,000/year. And, three, a sales and marketing person whose job will be to sell advertising and to recruit distributors @ $24,000 / year plus commission. Anyone who wants to makle recommendations on this or apply contact me. You must be willing and able to relocate to Virginia -- probably Western Virginia, myabe Northern Virginia. - Apply therein

eigthteen comments

Fuck off...
Fuck wiggers, fuck racists, and fuck nu-metal...

You want a job? How about you go out and shoot the folling people to death...

Justing Bieber

Kill em all!!!!!!!

And race mixing is cool too... Fuck off... - 19-11-’11 16:16
Damn!!! I meant to say following...

Anyway killing wiggers is the right solution to our moronic crisis...

Humanism is death disguised as life. When you are a humanist, you think only of humans. You see the world as existing only for human consumption. It is more important to save every life than to produce better beings, in your view. You think any death is a tragedy.

This sort of thinking is antiquated. While it is delusional under any circumstance, it was allowed to flourish because of the wealth of humanity. Now it is obsolete. Since we have polluted our oceans and air, overused land, overpopulated the earth with excess humans, killed off many natural species, destroyed most forests, and paved almost everything else, we are no longer able to be concerned with humans. We are on the verge of destroying our environment and the primary cause is that we’re too humanistic to restrict our own numbers.

“You can’t do that,” they say. “Because everyone has the right to freedom, and to buy whatever they can, and to build a house, and eat whatever they can, and… and…” It’s a neverending list of wants. Everyone wants to look like the good guy who tells us all that we can have whatever we want. But that’s an illusion, and they know it, but they don’t care. They’re only thinking about themselves, while they claim to be thinking about others; it makes them feel good to tell us we can have whatever we want, it makes them feel good to “care” about others, to cry over any death, etc.

That behavior has turned humanity into a cancer. Seven billion and no end in sight. Can’t eat fish more than once a week because it’s toxic with heavy metals. Where did the forests go? Well, we can have a fun drive down the pavement, surrounded by signs advertising cheap consumer goods, and then we can go someplace and buy something. It’s this “freedom” that keeps us equal. The logic behind all of this is humanism. Humanism pleases the crowd. It justifies itself as “equality.” All of the people out there who cannot do anything useful, and therefore fear someone will tell them what to do, love equality. They are addicted to it. They crowd into spaces, breed out of control, eat all the food, and never think about the consequences. Why? They are mediocre.

Anti-Humanism is a belief system for those who think humans are not the entirety of what we should be considering. We want to live on as a species, and we realize that requires thinning the herd. Problem: conventional morality, aka humanism, is totally opposed to that. Answer: do away with the obsolete morality, and slaughter the 90% of our species who do nothing productive and never will. Breed better humans, and fewer of them, and then some humans live on instead of all of us facing certain death because of the stupidity of the humanists.

Death to Posers!!!! Adrian - 19-11-’11 16:22
White people who act black are fucking stupid and worthless...Not to mention the bands who incorporate wigger bullshit in their music in order to sell records...

If you've ever dealt with a wigger, you realize you have officially come across the dumbest form of human life imaginable...Taking black angst and converting it into trendy commercial white rap/rock rage is the most retarded thing I can possibly imagine. It insults the very core of my being and thats why I feel such homicidal duisgust for those who act that way...

Why defend Pantera? because at least Pantera wasn't Vailla Ice rock like Limp Bizkit, Necro and Korn...

Point your swords at the real enemy for once... Adrian - 19-11-’11 16:29
Adrian, you're an idiot. Stupid - 19-11-’11 18:55
Holy shit, i am allowed to speak again?

Prozak, why did you delete all my former comments?

Because you couldn't answer them. JooPe - 19-11-’11 18:58
And in response to the humanism/anti-humanism bullshit comment, obviously true humanism means striking an equilibrium with nature/the environment, lest the species be extinguished.

We are the only existing hope for life on Earth to spread itself through the universe, who knows what the chances of another intelligent species with the capacity to effect it's environment/develop technology will evolve if we perish? Please, let's get it right, drop the political bullshit and turn your mind to a more pressing concern like oh say, the imminent collapse of the ecosystem. JooPe - 19-11-’11 19:01
Anti-Humanism is retarded. You are a human, unless you're a defective, coddled, basem_ent-dwelling aspergoid cancer of course humans, your own species, come above everything else. Everything else is only useful or tolerated so long as it is useful to humans, and that includes lakes, air, organic food etc. Given education and the right information of course people are going to make the right choice. teenage "misanthropes" should be tied against the wall and shot - 19-11-’11 19:29
tell me prozy, how old is too old to be a virgin?
I also had my comments deleted by Proze or whatever butthurt mod scans this site, after I eloquently pointed out what a failure he was for having an arts degree and encouraging other kids to have one too. Then he blocked me from posting. What a faggot. tell me prozy, how old is too old to be a virgin? - 19-11-’11 19:31
enjoy washing my car while I'm blasting Rhapsody in it on my way home from my software engineering job for a pharmaceutical titan
Oh, and those salary figures are laughable, yeah great career path, fuckos. enjoy washing my car while I'm blasting Rhapsody in it on my way home from my software engineering job for a pharmaceutical titan - 19-11-’11 19:33
We all know that whether or not Prozak agrees with you determines the fate of our species. So it makes perfect sense to obsess over his blog posts. Weirdos. earthling - 19-11-’11 20:32
@earthling, nobody believes that, but this site is one of the few that once managed to accurately articulate socio-political problems, which is why it's disturbing/depressing to see it have devolved into another polarised version of the problem. JooPe - 19-11-’11 22:27
Nah, modern liberalism just easily falls into the category of things that this site has always been against. GL - 20-11-’11 21:26
AIDS Victim
Liberalism: we're all equal, we have a moral obligation to enforce equality, smarter people are not more equal than dumb people, women must be given "equal" rights that involve penalizing men, weak must be able to penalize the strong, wealth redistribution, class warfare, etc.

There is nothing in the above that ANUS would have ever supported. It just took them a bit of time to think their way through it all. AIDS Victim (Email ) - 20-11-’11 22:08
kill yourself NOW!
lol, what do you have against equality? Would it take away from your speshulness, you flailing tard? Sounds like you don't know what "equal" actually means in modern civil systems. People are still stratified by things like wealth and ability, so no, liberalism does not recognize everyone as "equal". Individuals are only equal in terms of rights and in the eyes of the law, which makes perfect sense. No one should be able to get away with something because of their status. But then again, you obviously failed to get this since you're a teenager, and probably an angry one who listens to shitty XTREEM metal. kill yourself NOW! - 21-11-’11 00:50
troll fail
@kill yourself NOW!


telling people to kill themselves usually doesn't work. If it did, this site probably wouldn't exist. troll fail - 21-11-’11 19:20
straight to your face
lol do you honestly need that term spelled out for you? Just browse the fucking threads: "I'm so special, everyone around me are soulless automatons and proles, no one has deep thoughts like me" - this monologue, of course, coming from over-aged parasites with no remarkable skills or talent and who can't actually do anything. What are you good at, faggot, besides typing your self-aggrandizing posts? Huh? straight to your face - 22-11-’11 00:00
"“I’m so special, everyone around me are soulless automatons and proles, no one has deep thoughts like me”"

You're quoting, so which is that from?

"this monologue, of course, coming from over-aged parasites with no remarkable skills or talent and who can’t actually do anything. What are you good at, faggot, besides typing your self-aggrandizing posts? Huh?"

uhhhh... whuaaaaaaa? - 22-11-’11 16:40
d3 gold
You actually make it seem really easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually one thing which I believe I might never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very extensive for me. I am looking ahead for your subsequent put up, I will try to get the hang of it! d3 gold (URL) - 28-01-’13 00:06

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