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#Occupy DIAF

15 11 11 - 21:59

The 99% discredit themselves and make us want to put the 1% in charge.

I am deeply suspicious of what the 99 percenters, and Mr. Monbiot, are trying to do. While it is true that, by most of our standards, the wealthiest people on Earth do not deserve their wealth, could it not also be said that the smartest people do not deserve their great intellect, with which they were born? Is it not also possible to claim that the most beautiful women do not deserve their beauty? That those born into loving, and intact, families, do not deserve such good fortune?

At its core, the 99 percenters seem to be upset that life is not fair – and that somebody should make it more fair. Who gets to decide whom, among the wealthy, deserve their wealth? By whose criteria? It is frightening to contemplate the answers to these questions – for images of the French, and Russian, revolutions come to mind. - Jew Among You

A darn good point.

you've had the support of many unions, including the teachers union.
and what did you do with that support?


you could have done many things, maybe hired investigators to find out why children have out-dated school books or why the veteran hospitals are so horrid yet the parks built for vets are so nice… you could have shamed administrators into action.

you chose to talk. - Shane Bugbee

It's true: lots of emotion, no plan.

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lets end the madness Frederik - 16-11-’11 12:01
Jennifer Beute
I have an IQ of 154. I work at Dominos. Jennifer Beute (Email ) (URL) - 16-11-’11 12:29

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