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The future of food

14 11 11 - 04:25

The MSM is getting dicey about these, but they're both huge improvements:

"Cultured meat" -- burgers or sausages grown in laboratory Petri dishes rather than made from slaughtered livestock -- could be the answer that feeds the world, saves the environment and spares the lives of millions of animals, they say.

Using stem cells harvested from leftover animal material from slaughterhouses, Post nurtures them with a feed concocted of sugars, amino acids, lipids, minerals and all other nutrients they need to grow in the right way.

So far he has produced whitish pale muscle-like strips, each of them around 2.5 cm (1 inch) long, less than a centimeter wide and so thin as to be almost see-through.

Pack enough of these together -- probably around 3,000 of them in layers -- throw in a few strips of lab-grown fat, and you have the world's first "cultured meat" burger, he says. - Reuters

The technology will improve, as it always does, when you have 1,000 monkeys hammering away at it in their laboratories.

Then we have the option to have meat for which no consciousness died.

That's good for those of us who like both meat and creatures, but bad for humanity, since this will then be used to create more humans and further strain resources.

Compounding that:

Massachusetts startup Harvest Automation is beta testing a small mobile robot that it’s pitching to nurseries as the solution to their most pressing problem: a volatile labor market.

The multi-billion-dollar industry that supplies ornamental plants to building contractors, big-box retailers and landscaping firms — $11.7 billion according to the most recent USDA figures — has been eagerly awaiting automation for decades. The down economy and harsh state laws targeting undocumented workers have turned up the pressure.

The horticulture industry has caught the attention of several robotics industry veterans, including Joe Jones, a co-inventor of iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaning robot. What they see is an opportunity to develop a small, relatively inexpensive, mobile material handling robot. Their venture-backed company has been field testing the robots at 11 nurseries around the country, and plans to release its first product at the end of the first quarter or beginning of the second quarter next year. - Wired

This is the first stage. After this, general purpose robots, probably not of human form at first -- most likely it will look like a moving equipment cabinet.

Eventually, humanoid forms that do everything our day laborers currently do, but for a one-time fee of $20,000 and a few thousand in yearly costs.

This will probably not make food prices fall, but it will raise the quality and cleanliness of food. Humans cannot compete with a robot in that regard.

At that point, not only will our food change, but we will have to ask ourselves: just who do we want to include in our society, now that all the basic jobs in food service, agriculture, construction and janitorial work can be done by robots?

nineteen comments

At that point, the question will no longer be relevant. We will have no reason to not allow anyonne, at least not on any sort of economic grounds. And economic grounds are usually the grounds used by conservatives, although that it not always true around here. Brian - 14-11-’11 05:54
Mastodon fan
The future of my ass: loose, vacuous, brittle & bruised. Mastodon fan - 14-11-’11 08:53
"we will have to ask ourselves: just who do we want to include in our society"

Don't we have to answer the question "who gets to decide?" first? You? - 14-11-’11 11:42
Scared of the future
“we will have to ask ourselves: just who do we want to include in our society”

Not intelligent machines that will replace human beings. The future scares me more and more. Our love of technology and the ecocide it causes is alarming. Scared of the future - 14-11-’11 13:33
Fuck off...
In his "Aphorisms on the Wisdom of Life", Arthur Schopenhauer rejected nationalism, seeing it as an abandonment of personal identity. The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche can also be seen as opposing all forms of nationalism, although he opposed virtually every other form of social movement and ideology as well.Søren Kierkegaard's philosophy is a criticism and vehement rejection of Christian nationalism.

Whahahahah!!! So how much anus know about its own ideology...

Nationalism is bullshit...to all you young lovers out there...breed with whomever you want regardless of race creed or color...

Support THE VENUS PROJECT BITCHES!!!! Fuck off... - 14-11-’11 14:16
Adrian McCoy(Fuck off...)
Disregard that, if natural selection came back into play I would be one of the first to go and I suck cocks. Adrian McCoy(Fuck off...) - 14-11-’11 14:22
Hey asshole?
Why don't you grow a pair and call me a cocksucker to my face?

I'm waiting... Hey asshole? - 14-11-’11 14:33
Piss off
Still talking about cocks huh?

Grow up you fucking little faggot... Piss off - 14-11-’11 14:37
Mastodon fan
The future sounds great so far, but when do I get to be gangraped by Klingons? That has always been my most cherished futuristic dream. Mastodon fan - 14-11-’11 15:45
7 billion, remember?
The Brain
Let's just eat the new humans. Like mice... The Brain (URL) - 14-11-’11 17:42
fuck you
at least im not a nigger fuck you - 14-11-’11 20:43
I AM a nigger
so, uh, what you are saying is...Soilent Green was a GREAT movie? I AM a nigger - 14-11-’11 20:46
fuckin magnets
"The technology will improve, as it always does, when you have 1,000 monkeys hammering away at it in their laboratories."

Each of these "monkeys" has accomplished more than you ever will, ever, because all you do is sit on your ass all day regurgitating the same retarded dogma you grasped 20 years ago (or however long it was). fuckin magnets - 15-11-’11 12:57
Knight templar

What a nice song about the martyr, it will get deleted soon, too bad.

Fellow compatriot knight templars are encouraged to copy. Knight templar (URL) - 15-11-’11 13:25
not that what you said is original or even 100% true
@fuckin magnets...you decide to stop using copy paste? not that what you said is original or even 100% true - 15-11-’11 15:04
AIDS Victim
ANUS supports black nationalism as much as nationalism for Euripid groups.

Racists eat dicks! And liberals, of course, but they're already doing that. Liberalism is a mental disease, as our posters here show us daily. AIDS Victim (Email ) - 16-11-’11 05:05
fuckin magnets
@not that what you said is original or even 100% true

When the authors of these articles decide to phone in the same old tired shit every week, I will respond in kind. fuckin magnets - 17-11-’11 12:26
No one is forcing you to be here
"When the authors of these articles decide to phone in the same old tired shit every week, I will respond in kind."

Which makes you no better, therefore your judgement of them is equally valid for yourself. No one is forcing you to be here - 18-11-’11 12:20

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