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The Zetas: now electable

12 11 11 - 10:59

It's about time to launch a political campaign for these guys:

Gangsters killed and beheaded an Internet blogger Wednesday in Nuevo Laredo, the fourth slaying in the city involving people associated with social media sites since early September.

"This happened to me for not understanding that I shouldn't report on the social networks," advised a note left before dawn with the man's body at a key intersection in the city's wealthier neighborhood.

The victim, identified on social networking sites only by his nickname - Rascatripas or Belly Scratcher - reportedly helped moderate a site called En Vivo that posted news of shootouts and other activities of the Zetas, the narcotics and extortion gang that all but controls the city. - Houston Chronic Illness

If we get all of the people who are sure the reason their country is failing is drug trafficking (hint: it's not) and then wipe out the hipsters, too, this will be a much more delightful world.

two comments

Fuck off...
How about we get the finest marines and ex-navy seals to do away with douchebags like you huh fuckface? Fuck off... - 14-11-’11 14:06
Fuck off...
People report crimes because they should...

Folks are tired of these crooks getting away with murder and they should be...

They should also report the racist bullshit like the garbage put out by assholes like you Prozak (Or should I say nutsack)....

FUCK OFF!!! Fuck off... - 14-11-’11 14:09

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