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Indirect gross

10 11 11 - 12:35

Being indirectly gross is the ultimate troll:

Something about the horrible cliche, the even-worse pun, and then the implications of smooth gentle turds falling gracefully into a teapot... just does me in everytime.

There are trolling geniuses working in the organic tea markets of the world.

(From Traditional Medicinals.)

Note: they need reviews at the above site, if your manic troll desires to unleash itself... I'd imagine a half-page of poop puns and mockery of modern sanitation might do it.

seven comments

great guy
Lolol I just took this for the first time two days ago. Its been sitting unopened for a while and it expires in a couple days. It works and has no caffiene. Unfortunately I pooped out all of my trolliness in the process.

It was gentle and smooth... great guy - 10-11-’11 15:00
Robert Paulson
>Making fun of how tea companies make subtle connections to the laxative aspect of the product.
>Your website is called anus.com

The Admin must be a troll. This website is definitely ...
*puts on sunglasses*
Full of shit.
YEEEAAAAHH Robert Paulson (Email ) - 10-11-’11 21:00
As a matter of fact
I have used that tea before. It is highly effective. No joke. As a matter of fact - 11-11-’11 11:56
Knight templar
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ9H2uNjF7o Knight templar (URL) - 11-11-’11 14:20
Now this is useful for me. [JooPe] - 12-11-’11 04:36
so funny i forgot to laugh
ya i thought poop jokes were funny too. in grade 3. so funny i forgot to laugh - 12-11-’11 06:57
great guy
Well now that it has been established that those of us commenting are so mature.. LET'S SAVE THE WORLD! great guy - 12-11-’11 08:07

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