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The problem with Men’s Rights Activism is that it wants to be feminism.

08 11 11 - 05:14

You can't fix a problem by treating the symptoms, ESPECIALLY if you treat those symptoms with the same act that produced those symptoms:

The problem with Men’s Rights Activism is that it wants to be feminism.

Indeed, if you scan through my criticism of the 1976 book The Forty-Nine Percent Majority or hunt down a copy for yourself, you’ll see that there is so much overlap between what MRAs want and what feminists wanted in the 1970s that –judged by their ultimate ends — they run parallel in the same direction. Feminists and MRAs both say they want equal treatment under the law. The rub, for MRAs, is simply that feminists haven’t made good on their promise of equality. They haven’t, and they won’t – because why should they? Average people (men and women alike) are not so idealistic that they would refuse it of the rules suddenly shifted in their favor.

The MRA movement has accepted the end of feminism and exists Novaseeker recently put it, to make things better for men. Brett at GROIN was correct in his assesment that MRAs can only often short term assistance and fist aid. MRAs can only try to ease the transition into a world that, if men have a nature at all, will ultimately favor female interests. MRAs are the best opponents feminists could ask for, because they are following each bullet point of the feminist program. MRAs angrily draw attention to inequities and mistreatment and hypocrisy. There is value to this work. Calling out liars and hypocrites is worth doing in my book. MRAs are trolling feminists, but only to make them better, fairer feminists. In trying to make things better for men, they try to ease the pain of his emasculation and offer a peaceful passing into the oblivion of impotence. Nice and easy. Like slipping into a warm bath. - Jack Donovan

Feminism is a subset of liberalism. It is essentially female liberalism: defend the individual by justification of the special interest group "females."

Men imitating that produces a competing group, but not a solution, and by competing, strengthens the first group.

Further commentary:

We tend to think of tradition as rules, but perhaps tradition is something else. Perhaps it is a vessel for our sacred delights, and the products of hard-won wisdom, such as comes after a ten-year voyage in a forgotten war blighted with betrayals, misfortunes and epic victories.

So why are MRAs afraid of tradition?

As I’ve noted elsewhere, the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) is split into two groups: the masculinists, who want a positive role for men that fits into a positive role for society, and the Feminist Men’s Rights Activists (FMRAs) and Pick-Up Artists/Gamers (PUAs) who want a defensive role for men, like feminism is for women.

The MRM is divided between these two impulses. To the masculinists, the idea of adopting feminist-style victimhood politics and demanding equality strikes us as too humiliating, too broken in spirit and too passive. The FMRAs fear tradition because it would force them out of their defensive role. - GROIN

For any crisis, there are those who want to submit and those who want to conquer.

Responding to feminism with masculinized feminism is a desire to submit, not conquer.

We should return to the days of conquest instead.

four comments

When did this Men's Rights crap become popular? It's the stupidest shit I've heard of in quite some time. 000 - 08-11-’11 06:45
brunhILDE FAN #1
LOL YAY GO BRUNHILD!!!! brunhILDE FAN #1 - 08-11-’11 08:00
"We should return to the days of conquest instead."

I decipher that statement as if you want to return to an era where beating women was plausible. Those days of conquest you speak of is what got us here Brett. Sure, it was only a small piece of the bigger problem but it played a large role. Don't you get it? You oppress anything and it will rebel. Conservatism can only last for so long for anything in nature. Nature is a revolving door that constantly goes in cycles. "Men's rights activism is stupid" says James Edwards - 08-11-’11 08:11
Hessian guy
Should be called Neckbeard's Rights, nom sayin? Hessian guy - 08-11-’11 09:08

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