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Human toxicity

07 11 11 - 18:34

About 100,000 square kilometers of China's farmland, accounting for close to a tenth of all the fields in the country, is polluted by heavy metal, a government expert said in a conference Monday.

Wan Bentai, the chief engineer for China's Ministry of Environmental Protection, said heavy metal from smelter chimneys, water run-offs and tailings has polluted in total about 10 percent of the country’s farmland, and the pollution levels have exceeded government limits, according to Southern Metropolitan Daily.

"In recent years, there have constantly been outbreaks of heavy metal pollution, and from January to February alone there were 11 incidents, nine involving lead," Wan said in All-China environmental NGOs sustainable development meeting in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. - China Daily, "One-tenth of China's farmland polluted"

If they did it, we did it.

This is the human legacy.

six comments

Anyone who isn't ethically anthropocentric drinks pee pee. [JooPe] - 07-11-’11 18:36
I have a toxic cock. I will fill your anus with my HIV+ cum!! [JooPe] - 07-11-’11 20:17
Vijayjay Pr0nzak
Why does the human legacy matter if after the humans are gone, there's no one left to give a shit? Vijayjay Pr0nzak - 07-11-’11 20:33
I pee when I get really excited. [JooPe] - 07-11-’11 20:50
"If they did it, we did it.

This is the human legacy."

How's THAT for equality and social constructs, motherfuckers. DIE - 07-11-’11 22:26
I'm not chinese. CommSpec (Email ) - 08-11-’11 00:28

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