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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

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06 11 11 - 10:13

stroke repeatedly

The American Nihilist Underground Society (ANUS) is a not-for-profit limited partnership whose goal is to spread nihilism worldwide, and to educate people about the benefits of nihilism in a diverse and tolerant modern liberal democracy. In particular, ANUS has showed strength and endurance in pushing the United Nations and local businesses for a declaration that "the mouth, anus and vagina are equal, with none having a special function higher than the other." By endorsing such a literal lack of meaning, ANUS hopes to open new markets for developing economies and established industrial society, in addition to bringing a little more sodomy into our daily lives. - GNAA

four comments

Stroking at the thought right now
ANUS is going to get pummeled by some gay nigger dick. Awesome! Can't wait for the viewing!

"the mouth, anus and vagina are equal..."

What about the dick? My dick goes in my mouth, out the anus and into your mom's vagina. Stroking at the thought right now - 07-11-’11 06:10
Stupid poopy dumbdumb [JooPe] - 07-11-’11 08:11
Internet Loser
Oga buga i so stupid i vote so i equal 2 u lol!!! Internet Loser - 07-11-’11 09:35
Mastodon Guy and his vagina are fuckin ruining this site! aspie - 07-11-’11 14:09

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