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4chan jumps the shark

06 11 11 - 09:33

4chan looked like the French Revolution at first. The victims of society gathered, vented their grievances, and then took action striking back against the big guy through guerrilla warfare and subversion!

Yet, it wasn't to be. Instead of brave ideologues, we found a combination of mob justice and a compensatory, cognitive dissonance-fueled desire to vandalize. Most people didn't see this, but a few of us did.

Now, 4chan and its spawn "Anonymous" are slowly retreating back into the land of the basement hamster, because that's what it always was!

It’s easy to imagine such a thoughtful, sugar-coated group originating from convivial Hasbro fan boards, but the Bronies’ origin story is far darker and more complicated. Before there was BroNYCon, which debuted this June in “wonderful Manehattan,” before there was Equestria Daily, a candy-color web hub described by Bronies as the Huffington Post of the community, before there were meetups and raffles and fruit snacks, there was only one major gathering spot for pony fanatics. There was only 4chan.

4chan, a vast image-sharing site created in 2003 by Christopher Poole, who goes by the alias moot, is home to numerous boards where anonymous posters discuss everything from anime to sports to paranormal activity to torture porn. The comics and cartoons board,/co/, was fertile ground for Bronies, many of whom started out as animation geeks. But the “random” board, /b/, famous as the Internet’s ultimate id for its violent and sexual content (think less My Little Pony, more Equus), was also a meeting place. - How 4chan Gave Birth to the Bronies


Like liberalism, 4chan/Anonymous was a prolonged tantrum that never had any practical solutions, only anger.

Eventually, it became a cheerleader for liberalism.

Is anyone surprised that all revolutions end up at the same decision, which is a lack of decision?

Maybe for "change" we need something more than knowledge of what we hate.

six comments

Ponies are radical traditionalist and left wing bronies are celebrating a show that explodes liberalism: http://www.mynationalistpony.tumblr.com CommSpec (Email ) - 06-11-’11 10:42
vijay = newfag?
Rules 1 and 2 faggot. vijay = newfag? - 06-11-’11 12:13
Stopped reading right there
4chan looked like the French Revolution at first. Stopped reading right there - 06-11-’11 13:10
Don't be so obtuse
To idiots it did. Don't be so obtuse - 06-11-’11 13:21
i just go there for porn
how you equate a rather typical japanese styled image board to some western liberal uprising is beyond me. you guys know so much about nothing but so little about everything else. i just go there for porn - 08-11-’11 15:26
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