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mock Herd

04 11 11 - 15:29

nineteen comments

Fuck Anus.com
Did you know 1 in 99 people on earth don't give a fuck about this site or its shitty opinions?

Just saying... Fuck Anus.com - 04-11-’11 17:15
Cool story, bro. sup - 04-11-’11 17:22
@ Fuck Anus.com

so you're the fuckin moron that sides with 99% of people on this earth. yeah good one dickhead. Arthur - 04-11-’11 19:06
Adolf Hitler
Where's JooPe's picture? Adolf Hitler - 04-11-’11 21:50
Adolf Hitler
(blush)I just vant to be friends...I am a victim too. Adolf Hitler - 04-11-’11 21:59
ANUS fan #2
Makes me like this site even more. ANUS fan #2 - 05-11-’11 00:16
"Did you know 1 in 99 people on earth don’t give a fuck about this site or its shitty opinions?

Typical dumb sheep thinking here.

"Your opinion is not popular"

Oh what a deep logical insight! TD - 05-11-’11 01:03
ANUS quote from '99
"Fuck being a sheep" ANUS quote from '99 - 05-11-’11 01:48
<span class='registered'>JooPe</span>
@Adolf, i like you too bud, but i have never been 'beaten' in an argument on this site, in fact i'm not sure i have actually been in any 'arguments' here so much as me speaking and someone else throwing mental feces.

Additionally, your 'unique' brand of contraryinism doesn't make you any less of a sheep. JooPe (URL) - 05-11-’11 03:24
I am the 1%
Oh look, there's 1 of those socially constructed negros i've read so much about. I guess she tried to argue against determinism with "but I have da freedom to choose! What? How do I know that my perceived 'freedom' to choose isn't just an illusion? Ummm, what dat mean? Fuck you INTJ and fuck you too, anus.com!" I am the 1% - 05-11-’11 06:31
Apostrophe Nazi
INTJs need work on their syntax. Apostrophe Nazi - 05-11-’11 07:01
AIDS Victim
So, what's the difference between spergies, autists, narcissists and unsocialized people again? AIDS Victim (Email ) - 05-11-’11 09:33
Hi, I am an INTJ and am looking to meet other INTJs for anal sex and spooning. I also have asperger's and a 5 inch long penis. INTJ - 05-11-’11 10:51
Wat dat mean, nigga? nigga - 05-11-’11 12:41
AIDS Victim
INTJ, check your PM. My colon is dilated. AIDS Victim (Email ) - 05-11-’11 17:14
FEELS GOOD MAN INTJ #2 - 07-11-’11 08:09
ISTP plus sheltered life does no make well for talk-making. Fuck ANUS - 07-11-’11 16:49
Oh yeah, you FUCK my anus. [JooPe] - 07-11-’11 22:29
touch me! feel me!
INFP HESSIAN WARRIOR RIGHT HERE BITCHES! touch me! feel me! - 08-11-’11 09:51

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