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Why Johnny can't read

02 11 11 - 19:38

...Education is an industry, sponsored by well-intentioned government regulation, that now specializes in teaching propaganda and nothing else:

How can a 375% education spending increase over four decades result in flat-lined reading, math and science scores? Because all that largesse feeds a bureaucratic monster sheltered from competition.

According to Neal McCluskey, the associate director of the Cato Institute's Center for Educational Freedom, the education spending much of the American public believes to be a vital investment in the country's future, actually "gives money to a catatonic heap of warm bodies and says, 'Stay the way you are.'"

McCluskey made no bones about federal education spending being bad for kids and bad for the economy — a big reason being that much of the spending goes not to real teachers or principals but to those holding an array of bureaucratic "support" positions. - Investors

Where did the money go?

To Jimmy Has Two Daddies, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Life and Times of Pancho Villa.

To sex education, rape prevention education, and GLBT celebrations.

To ten thousand administrators to make sure you've filed all your forms correctly.

To the union, lobbyists and advertising.

To medals and ribbons for every student so no one feels special and thus no one feels left out.

To security systems to keep students in the school.

To anything but old-fashioned results-oriented learning.

It's time to junk the public education system, which is beyond repair, and replace it with private schooling. They do a better job because they're not a marionette of all 10,000 government agencies, regulations and propaganda campaigns.

Johnny may not grow up being strictly educated in gender-neutral pronouns and Post-Colonial History, but he will know how to read.

seven comments

brunhILDE FAN #1
LOL YAY GO BRUNHILDE!!!!!!!! brunhILDE FAN #1 - 02-11-’11 19:51
proud to be a race mixer
I can't read, I'd rather just stick my pale white cock up an Asian pussay. proud to be a race mixer - 02-11-’11 21:21
Vijay can you delete the comment section or at least require registration? nigger - 03-11-’11 05:20
Jim Necroslaughter
Agreed. Public education ain't what it used to be. Those old teachers that would whip you into shape are gone. Junk it! Jim Necroslaughter - 03-11-’11 12:30
Smarmpo dumpies, arndie arndie cumpies. [JooPe] - 03-11-’11 14:14
senior year dropout
yeah man i just dropped out and i dont think its as full-blown-AIDS as you think it is just yet. i actually had a couple teachers who weren't batshit insane enough to just allow everyone to pass while doing typical mediocre work and filling the class' mind with leftist horse shit, but then again the things they tought had to be severely dumbed down.

now ive got my G.E.D. and might join the military or get a shit job to support my musical development(trust me guys, this shit is going to be superb if i ever release it)

what do guise senior year dropout - 03-11-’11 19:34
senior year dropout
taught* senior year dropout - 03-11-’11 19:36

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