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Penis and Vagina festivals

01 11 11 - 16:04

Contrary to the puritan false morality of some people, and the politically correct insistence on both demonizing and re-selling genitals of the leftists, the following is healthy:

In the morning, children carry a small vagina to the Ogata shrine. Later, some 40 grown men strain under the weight of a massive vagina while carrying it to the shrine in the main parade. They're followed by two smaller vagina litters

At the end of the day pink and white mochi (glutinous rice ball treats) are hurled into the crowd.

The penis festival the following day drew far more foreign and Japanese tourists — some 100,000, according to a festival brochure. Festival foreplay included much posing with wooden and candy penises. The main event is the parading of a two-foot by six-and-a-half foot long phallus carved from Japanese cypress.

Vendors sell penis- and vagina-shaped candies and chocolate-covered bananas, wood penis sculptures and penis earrings, adding to the mirth. Eavesdropping was a riot. - Global First Post

Culture. It beats sex ed and political correctness. With a giant cypress dong, apparently.

six comments

Why not? No singing and dancing?
Sex ed and political correctness aren't culture? Why not? No singing and dancing? - 01-11-’11 17:00
Those japansies are just a bunch of monstrous pedophiles. I can't believe you guys are supporting those people. Just more proof that anus.com is nothing but a bunch of brainless nazis. disgusted - 01-11-’11 18:46
Hi JooPe! FAGGOT - 01-11-’11 21:07
No, sex ed and political correctness are NOT culture..."japansies"..."nazi's"??? Be careful, you'll get caught in your own bullshit assumptions...Hi JooPe! GL - 02-11-’11 01:11
I disapprove. The article is a half-assed strawman. [JoePe] - 02-11-’11 10:49
I love jap porn
This is astounding since they still have to pixilate the phallic and vaginal images in their smut material. That's why they have to poo and pee on each other! I love jap porn - 03-11-’11 09:52

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