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#Occupy Mom's Basement

30 10 11 - 04:33

"It got cold on Wall Street, and we couldn't smoke dope or play Xbox, so we're now fighting the 1% by staying in the basement where it's warm taking the fight to twitter! Down with the banksters! Mom, got any more of those pop tarts?"

seven comments

<span class='registered'>JooPe</span>
This site has really gone to shit and taken it's namesake a little too literally now, whereas before the strawmen were always mixed in with something a little more substantial I guess now the writer(s) are thinking "our audience have IQ's below 100, why bother?". JooPe (URL) - 30-10-’11 06:08
What I meant to say was my asshole is really sore after taking all those long hard nigger cocks last night. [JooPe] - 30-10-’11 07:47
I have a deviantart account, need I say more? ** cough ** Hipster ** cough **. [JooPe] - 30-10-’11 07:58
Don't be gay, bro. Levy_Spearmen - 30-10-’11 10:30
John Connelly
Racism is the sign of a tiny, tiny penis. John Connelly (Email ) - 30-10-’11 12:31
Adolf Shitler
Correction, Untermenschen, he vas taking MY cock! Mein teil hungers for Lebensraum! Adolf Shitler - 30-10-’11 12:50
wow gold
Hi, I just wanted to mention, you're wrong. Your post doesn't make any sense. wow gold (URL) - 24-01-’13 07:01

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