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Utøya Ultrakill: FPS for Anders Breivik fans

29 10 11 - 08:49

The game itself can be found on Mediafire or the ANUS free speech hosting service.

thirteen comments

President of the United States
I GOT A MURDER BONER!!! President of the United States - 29-10-’11 19:50
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Dat Anders was jus' a playa hater, know wha' I'm sayin'? Shit son, multiculturalism is here to stay, bitches don't know 'bout my "muscular liberalism", hehe. Ethnic Europeans ain't shit, third world Muslims be all up in this motherfucka. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom - 29-10-’11 19:56
Great Art!

In his signature performance art piece, John Jairo Villamil depicted both the excitement and danger of the city of Bogota, Colombia, by appearing on stage with a tightened garbage bag over his head and his feet in a bucket of water, holding a chain in one hand and a plant's leaf in the other. At a May show at Bogota's Universidad del Bosque, Villamil, 25, fussed with the tightened bag and soon collapsed to the floor, stirred a little, and then was motionless. The audience, likely having assumed that the collapse was part of the performance, did not immediately render assistance, and Villamil lost consciousness and died in a hospital five days later. [HispanicallySpeakingNews.com, 5-2-2011] Reality - 29-10-’11 21:31
Excerpt from the last U.N. Council meeting
Your Mamma so black, when she gets on da bus, da oil light come on! Excerpt from the last U.N. Council meeting - 29-10-’11 21:40
That joke confounds me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWUwEG9YX3M Levy_Spearmen - 29-10-’11 23:14
Your Ancestors
I spit upon you. You are a shame and an embarassment upon your blood and kin. You are the weak peasants that we once conquered. You are the very thing that we hated. You are nithing. You are a bane and a curse. You are slaves to your weakness and stupidity. You shame us... Your Ancestors - 30-10-’11 00:46
John Connelly
Racism is the sign of a tiny, tiny mind. John Connelly (Email ) - 30-10-’11 04:34
Oppression is great, remember?
"The game itself can be found on Mediafire or the ANUS free speech hosting service. "

What the hell happened to not being concerned with free speech? Oppression is great, remember? - 30-10-’11 15:54
nihilistic meditation
An oppressor employs free speech in a free society in order to achieve oppression. Oppression is part of the natural order, and therefore good, yes. nihilistic meditation - 30-10-’11 17:47
How's that going, by the way?
Fair enough. Just reminding everyone out there who believes in preserving real free speech what you guys mean by "ANUS free speech hosting service.", and how long their free speech would last if you ever got your way. How's that going, by the way? - 30-10-’11 19:26
Going pretty well
Well enough to keep your attention, apparently. Going pretty well - 30-10-’11 20:51
As you know.
That's not well enough. As you know. - 30-10-’11 21:27
Still disagreeing just to disagree
Fine, Dave, you keep reminding us that you don't like the site...and I'll keep reminding you that your society is fucked...we'll see who's right. Still disagreeing just to disagree - 30-10-’11 22:33

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