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Hypnosis amongus

25 10 11 - 17:39

Science finally gets around the cool stuff:

The researchers used high-resolution eye-tracking methodology and presented a set of well-established oculomotor tasks that trigger automatic eye behavior. They found the glazed stare was accompanied by objectively measurable changes in automatic, reflexive eye behavior that could not be imitated by non-hypnotized participants.

In the field of hypnosis research this result means that hypnosis can no longer be regarded as mental imagery that takes place during a totally normal waking state of consciousness. - Medical Xpress

Obviously, when the aliens made us, they left in a "safe mode with networking" for debugging.

four comments

"Obviously, when the aliens made us, they left in a "safe mode with networking" for debugging."

I hope that's a troll. lolwut - 25-10-’11 19:12
Gene Ray /Burzum Fan
It seems that some of our regular readers are not familiar with the reptilian conspiracy. You are educated stupid. Gene Ray /Burzum Fan - 25-10-’11 20:21
brunhILDE FAN #1
LOL YAY GO BRUNHILDE!!!! brunhILDE FAN #1 - 26-10-’11 19:45
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15449959 - interesting stuf, didn't know they did forced sterilisation programmes way back then in the 70s old-news - 28-10-’11 03:53

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