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How the false aristocrats will be sacrificed

25 10 11 - 14:43

From an unusual source:

Now ask yourself- how many scumbag doctors, lawyers, small businessmen, managers, professors, cops, upper level bureaucrats do you know and have to interact with? Aren’t your conceptions of the behavior of the truly rich shaped by these people?

The funny thing about the upper middle-class is that they are not truly rich. While their lives may be comfortable and luxurious, they are one serious illness/accident away from a far more austere lifestyle. However, these morons act as if they are rich or will soon become rich, thereby exhibiting behaviors which no sane person would indulge in. The truly rich don’t mind having such henchmen who will do their dirty work for a somewhat better lifestyle and a faint chance of joining their ranks.

Of course, these delusional morons have none of the advantages which the truly rich enjoy. While they might live in better neighborhoods, they are not hard to get hold of. Their lives are far more open to the public than the truly rich. Everybody knows where they live, where they shop, how many kids they have, where they work, and where they take vacations. Now combine this ready “accessibility” with their public persona, shitty attitudes and the willingness to support the truly rich. - In Mala Fide

Many of these "faux rich" are products of huge education loans and no particular depth of thought. Bring back the old wealth, the Dutch/English/German/Scandi types who were highly competent, deep thinkers and highly moral people. Send these nouveau riche political creations (most of whom are white proles, but many of whom are not of first-world descent) to China.

eight comments

josef H
plus, they are themselves, willing to upload on facebook their 2 year old children's pix, their own pix during some party, then they blame facebook security when some pervert gets a hold of their kids' pix josef H (Email ) (URL) - 26-10-’11 03:17
Got it.
So you long for the 3-decade period in the 1800s after the Germans were accepted but before the Irish were. Got it. - 26-10-’11 11:40
Hi everyone! Levy_Spearmen - 26-10-’11 13:36
Get it
Yep, nobody likes their booze more than those potato eaters-except maybe Eskimos. You know, they drink, but they're sneaky drunks... Get it - 26-10-’11 14:17
Ben Richards
Agreed, there is no amount of material success that compares to wealth of the soul. These people are the highest functioning paracites of the cesspool of modern civilization. Ben Richards - 27-10-’11 00:18
Ah, professors. They get defensive the minute someone starts discussing their subject intelligently. They ask their students a few token questions because they expect the reply to be "I dunno, like, maybe it's like a, dude, I dunno." Profs want students to be dumb and interchangeable--that's what they're supposed to be when they graduate, after all. If you put forth a new idea or use "big" words, you immediately get this look that says, "Listen kid, this is MY gig. Don't even think about trying to steal my spotlight or I'll shred you like an old newspaper." Karachi - 27-10-’11 05:48
@Karachi, You must of gone to a really shitty school. Granted most professors are a waste of space, but that doesn't mean that all of them are or that there are aren't one or two prefessos at every school that understand what a real education is (and it is'st merely liberal education). And if big words scare professors, then your professors must be mentally retarded. Brian - 28-10-’11 09:49
SODOMIZE THE WEAK Levy_Spearmen - 28-10-’11 10:03

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