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The only third way: nationalism/culturism

24 10 11 - 15:10

From Greg Johnson:

“Beyond Left and Right, socialism and capitalism, is nationalism. Whether you call it national socialism or national capitalism, social credit, corporatism, distributism, or producer capitalism versus finance capitalism, the third way boils down to this: we believe in private property broadly distributed, the moral rights of producers to the fruits of their labor, an end to usury and other forms of financial parasitism, and economic regulations to make sure that private interests (in low wages and open borders, for instance) do not conflict with the interest of the nation.” - Reason Radio

I will never support National Socialism or neo-Nazism because they are Jew-haters who have lost any sight of the real goal, but it seems to me that any political system which does not include nationalism/culturism is equally likely to fail, in ways more like the downfall of the Soviet Union or early Revolutionary France. Death to liberalism!

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