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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Industry is liberal, not conservative

20 10 11 - 13:24

Conservatives got roped into defending industry because liberals made all other conservative ideas taboo.

  • The fundamental ideal of liberalism is equality.
  • The fundamental ideal of conservatism is harmony.

Harmony requires that not all notes be the same. It requires that some rise above, and some below, but that all serve the same role. It is not deconstructive like liberalism, but its resulting insistence on inequality and evolution (social Darwinism, religion, values, competition) is anathema to liberals, who insist on personal equality at the expense of all else.

Conservatives do not belong in bed with industry -- they belong out there defending markets against socialism's managed economies, sure, but not losing sight of the fact that industry is a whore to the consumers who are in turn mostly clueless proles:

Barbie, Mattel's iconic doll, has seen and done a lot in her 50 years. Now, for the first time, she's been inked with a tattoo (see photo below). This isn't Totally Stylin' Tattoos Barbie who came with benign removable stickers a few years ago. The new "tokidoki Barbie" — designed by Simone Legno, Italian creator of the Japanese-influenced lifestyle brand, tokidoki — has permanent ink running up her left arm and across her chest. Mattel says tokidoki Barbie is a "funky fashionista," with a pink bob and skull-heart sweater to complement her "trendy tattoos." - The Week

What do proles want?

Something different... but the same, so they can recognize it.

This is why prole culture remains unchanged from 1789. Be quirky, break social mores, violate rules, etc. but don't ever do anything like look to the picture bigger than the individual (which is, coincidentally, what conservatism likes). Collectivism and individualism are both output of liberalism. Barbie, as a whore to prole culture, is a perfect industrial product -- and yet a total violation of all common sense.

three comments

Not that I'm in favor of either.
"Conservatives got roped into defending industry because liberals made all other conservative ideas taboo."

Nope, they got into it because mainstream American conservatives are not your kind of conservatives.

They're basically individualists, or perhaps nuclear-family-ists; their belief in enforced societal organization does not extend to higher units than that. In fact, they're repulsed by that idea.

Rather, they believe, like classical liberalism does, that people have the right to sell their labor for what they can get for it.

Sure, they may agree with you on some social issues, such as drugs and prostitution. But to the extent that their position isn't just inconsistent, their social values stem from their desire to protect the nuclear family, to protect themselves, not some larger societal unit.

You used to know this, in your older articles you distanced yourselves from both liberals and mainstream conservatives. Now you seem to be trying to ally yourselves with the latter, because of the common enemy in the former, but despite your recent backpeddling you remain two very different types of conservatives. Not that I'm in favor of either. - 20-10-’11 21:18
<span class='registered'>JooPe</span>
What the above commenter fails to understand, is that those who write/read this website are nothing like their perceived self-image. JooPe (URL) - 21-10-’11 00:59
gw2 gold
We're a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you. gw2 gold (URL) - 25-01-’13 19:41

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