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The mentality of drones

18 10 11 - 14:29

Drones, plebs, proles... what are they?

People who cannot put long-term results before short-term pleasures, Plato says. That makes sense: it explains why they're poor, and yet spend their money on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, shiny objects, etc.

What's their mentality like?

So, what are prostitutes planning?

Usually, they have no plan, except to find a rich foreign guy willing to support them. They live day to day. They don't make much effort to think proactively. They just follow and react to others in their environment, passive.

If they have a plan, then it is to sit at home and watch TV all day, gossip with their friends, and go shopping.

If you expect them to cook special food for you or do other considerate things -- for them to put out the same level of effort for you that you put out for them -- then you're usually setting yourself up for disappointment. In fact, you will be lucky if they can even manage the maid and gain the respect of one for long. - "Good guys trying to help often get burned," by Mark Evan Prado

The division isn't "hard-working" versus "lazy."

It's people who think about consequences and discipline themselves to match, versus people who cannot and will not comprehend anything beyond their own desires.

Left on their own with infinite cash, the former would do something useful; in the same situation, the latter would do what they always do, which is party all the time in repetitive, meaningless circles of ever-increasing appetites.

One comment

hard working drone
Good point about how being hard-working doesn't imply that you're being constructive. It may even been provide false justification for their partying lifestyles .

The stress and labor put into the workday can become a reason for drones / plebs / proles to think they deserve or have rightfully earned the destructive behavior they engage in after clocking out.

At the same, they get the work done. hard working drone - 18-10-’11 17:40

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