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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Global liberalism

16 10 11 - 17:34

In 1789 they had an idea: give up leadership by ability in favor of universal equality.

It took awhile, but society is coming apart at the seams as a result. Liberalism kills every society it touches.

The European Union is considering a roughly 75 percent cut in funding for a program that helps feed 18 million of its poorest citizens.

The cuts, set to take effect after New Year's, would come at a time of rising unemployment and consumer food prices in many parts of Europe, as well as overall economic turmoil on the continent. The looming cuts already have raised fears among people who rely heavily on the program. - Reuters

What caused this slow decay?

  • Non-competition. There is no incentive to improve when all are equal.

  • Inertia. No option yields a radically different result when all are equal.

  • Incompetence. If we are all equal, a competent is equal to an incompetent.

  • Pity. Our politics becomes a manic enforcement of equality, which requires pitiable people and groups to use as symbols.

  • Corruption. An insane system based on equality forces us to work around it.

The result: downfall of an empire. The cause: liberalism (not Jews, not Christianity, not capitalism, not The Rich, not the aristocracy, not aliens).

Incomes, stalled since 1973, are now falling, across the board, afflicting all income quintiles, with no end in sight. Japan has been in decline for over a decade. There is no reason to think that this decline will end until its causes are remedied – and if never remedied, we may well wind up like so many vanished civilizations before us.

Since the decline effects all of society, every aspect of society, we have the luxury of looking of looking for causes where the light is best.

Let us look at three well studied instances of decline: the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion, Wikipedia, and Washington Mutual. I did not select these cases because they all support my thesis, but because they are conspicuous and good information is available for what went wrong. - Jim.com

The above article explores the long-term decay of the USA.

But look closely: since 1789, we had a brief peak of culture, and it has been downhill ever since.

Where is the great art, literature, thought and courageous leadership?


twenty comments

But you're not fooling me.
Latest manifestation of the misunderstanding on this site of liberalism, in all of its forms.

The French revolution was not about giving up leadership by ability, but giving up leadership by birth.

The drive for equality has always been about equal opportunity, not equal status or power.

Even Marx said "From each according to his ability", obviously acknowledging that people are different in their ability.

I think you know this stuff; you're just trying to mislead a new generation by twisting the truth to get people on your side, which you've said you have no problem doing. But you're not fooling me. - 16-10-’11 18:13
The idiot above has never seen or been in a worker union. TD - 16-10-’11 19:48
@TD...So true. GL - 16-10-’11 22:29
This site once warned against the dangers of simplistic morality and the good/evil dichotomy, but it now promotes this neurosis under the guise of conservatism/liberalism. Nietzsche would not approve. JP (URL) - 17-10-’11 01:08
@But you're not fooling me
He said "to each according to his need", jackass. @But you're not fooling me - 17-10-’11 07:39
@JP... To be fair, Nietzhe did not have only one concern. He spent more time thinking about art, literature, thought, and great people (courageous leadership) than he did about just good/evil.

Nietzsche hardly approved of anything, but then again, he explicitly says that if you really understand him you won't follow him lie a prophet. He didn't want disciples or followers. He wanted free spirits. Those are not the same thing. All of this is not to say that this site is the best and Nietzsche would love it, but it does take up interesting issues from intersting perspectives. Brian - 17-10-’11 07:45
Google search
He said "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need." You are both right. Google search - 17-10-’11 07:46
Too much need, not enough ability. Drown, peasants. Levy_Spearmen - 17-10-’11 08:54
This website sucks mega cocks. Nietzsche - 17-10-’11 14:03
Fuck off, idiot
JooPe is so brilliant that he needed someone to tell him to hide his email... Fuck off, idiot - 17-10-’11 15:30
Big dick
Liberals have enabled me to suck so much cock. And for that I thank them. Big dick (Email ) - 17-10-’11 15:46
Sad Hessian listening to Silencer
I miss Dave.

=( Sad Hessian listening to Silencer - 17-10-’11 19:05
Global Liberalism: ONE BIG FUCKING PARTYY!!! WOOOOO!! - 17-10-’11 19:57
Jewish Mystic
I'll be your leader, as long as you pay me really well and don't interrupt my TV Shows. Jewish Mystic - 17-10-’11 22:20
Fuck off, dipshit
If you are implying one need hide their e-mail to protect from spam/hacking for expressing a contrary opinion, what does that say about this site, it's audience and the strength of it's ideas? Fuck off, dipshit - 18-10-’11 08:48
<span class='registered'>JooPe</span>
Well i had a well-constructed counter-argument but once again the spam filter is set to kill any of that naughty business. JooPe (URL) - 18-10-’11 09:11
Read the article if you think I exaggerate.
@Fuck off, to be fair, the site never claims to endorse free exchange of ideas, anti-censorship, or any of that stuff.

As Alexis puts it: "Fascism does not concern itself with freedom of speech, as it focuses on the unity of people."

And to show that that's what's endorsed, from that same article:

"Fascism is a brave and honest hope for the future of Western civilization and its potential in cultural as well as idealistic development. "

http://www.anus.com/zine/articles/alexis/fascism/ Read the article if you think I exaggerate. - 18-10-’11 11:17
There is nothing 'about' me, there is just me. A shadow in the void.
@Fuck off, Dipstit...actually it was a remark about his having a "well-constructed counter-argument", but yet needing someone else to point out the obvious. It IS the internet after all. There is nothing 'about' me, there is just me. A shadow in the void. - 18-10-’11 20:38
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